NHSRA/NHSRA RULES: It is each members responsibility to know and understand the AHSRA rules (found on the website under "Forms") and the NHSRA rulebook. 

- If you have specific questions pertaining to any rules, please feel free contact an Event Director/Executive.

- Release forms are required for every rodeo: "No Release, No Rodeo, No Exceptions"
These must be turned in when you pay your fees and prior to competing.

- TURNOUT POLICY clarification is found under "Forms", all Turnouts for D1 High School members will be handled according to this policy. Please notify D1 High School Secretary
( lisabrister@yahoo.ca ) of any turnouts 48 hours prior to rodeo to avoid TO fines. Only emailed turnouts will be accepted, no texts or phone calls please. Subject title TURNOUT.

DISTRICT 1 CALL-IN:  Mondays from 6:00-10:00 pm  (Both HS & JR division for D1)
CALL IN ENTRY LINE:  (403)498-8964

- Online entry opens 10 days prior to posted Call-In dates & close at midnight prior to Call- In date
- Please ensure you receive a confirmation when entering with both 0nline & Call-In registration 
- Online Confirmations will go to the email used on your membership application
- Any errors made during Online entry can/must be corrected on Call-In night. It is a members responsibility to ensure changes or corrections are made.
- Additional information about the Online Entry system can be found under "Info"

Personal Sponsor Info:

***To make it easier on all of our announcers, we want to make a list of personal sponsors that each committee can just print out . 
Please email your name, events & sponsors to KaylynnNunn@hotmail.com***

Thank you to Kaylynn Nunn for taking this job on!!!

***Thank you Shannon and Marty Broderson for taking on the Sponsorship and prize position. If anybody knows of any possible sponsors or fundraising ideas please chat with the Brodersons. Contestants please be sure to say thanks to all of the volunteers that make AHSRA possible.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Please review all the information below:


10:00 A.M. SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019 @ Olds College Bell room #954. Building #17

The Trey Purdie Memorial application is on the website.  This is a separate application than the raffle ticket scholarships.  There are other applications on there as well. 
Deadline for AHSRA scholarships is April 1st, 2019.

The 2nd report card required by the AHSRA is due MARCH 1.
It must be sent to the district educationcoordinator in members district/division
Check the website for the contact information for the education coordinator in district or division.
Do not send report card to the provincial secretary.
Members will not be allowed to rodeo until this report card is on file with the education coordinator.
If member has entered and the report card is not on file, they will be drawn out.

 ****All report cards must be emailed to Jackie Swanson d1edcoordinator@gmail.com***

Below is the tentative dates for all of our spring rodeos. These have not been approved yet.

Cardston April 5,6

Taber April 13,14

Calgary April 21,22

Nanton May 4,5

High River May 11,12

Strathmore May 18,19

Keep in mind we are waiting for completed sanctions and approval but you can start to plan your spring.


July 16, 27, 28 2019 Merritt, BC

All fees will remain the same.

Top 4 jr contestants, top 5 high school contestants

TENTATIVE:  to be determined at next meeting, there will not be a cap on positions to roll down to, to fill a team, possibly 3 long goes and no short go.  More info to follow as decesions are made.

Any empty positions will be filled by provinces who have contestants that have indicated at provincial finals they will accept a fill position if available.  No calls will be made to fill positions.

Thank you to all of our rodeo committees for hosting Spring Rodeos!!!
Committees hosting a High School Rodeo this spring please get your sanction forms complete and any missing information sent to the executive as soon as possible so we can keep our members updated.

Contestants please keep checking back and I will update as I receive information.


Below is an explanation of AHSRA for your school principals should they require further information. You can find this on our Provincial page under forms so you are able to print one off. 

What is Alberta High School Rodeo?
The Alberta Hight School Rodeo Association is an all youth rodeo association with 450 members in grades 6 through 12, who all compete in rodeo.  There are sanctioned rodeo events in various locations all   over   the   province, ending   in   provincial   finals   to   compete   the   provincial championships in each event.
Through the AHSRA, our athletes develop their skills and gain experience in their specific events, besides the opportunity to spend time with their peers and families while competing in an organized sport.
This is an amazing journey for these young rodeo athletes, and to be able to compete at a provincial level, with opportunities to qualify for provincial titles, and on towards Canadian and World titles.
Our members must have a rodeo consent form completed by parents and principals of their school to compete each weekend.  We support their growth in rodeo as well as the importance of their education. It is a requirement in the NHSRA rulebook the students are in good standing at their school and this is the way the member provides the proof of that to be eligible to compete in the association.  This does not attach the school to any liability issues, it only provides approval that student is in good standing at the school.
If one of your students is successful in becoming the Provincial Champion, we provide a banner to be on display at their school to honor the accomplishment they have made for years to come. We are also able to provide certificates of participation for any of our members, for you to present at your athletic awards presentations.  This sport is as much comparable to the other sports provided in the schools, as the members gain an enormous amount of leadership, sportsmanship and responsibility.
These young rodeo athletes have worked and continue to work to develop the skills and proficiencies needed not only to compete in the rodeo arena but to help them become, productive, organized young adults, while having fun in a family-oriented environment. The youth are our future!
If you have any questions about our association please contact Patricia McKean Board Chair 403.875.2969 AHSRAChair@gmail.com or our Secretary Betty Leischner 403.994.0824 betty.ahsra@gmail.com or visit our website at www.albertahsrodeo.com.