TO GET THE RESULTS AND STANDINGS FROM THE PROVINCIAL FINALS CLICK ON PROVINCIAL FINALS RODEO!  The events will come up above, then click on the event you are wanting to check.   THE OFFICIAL FINALS STANDINGS ARE UNDER PROVINCIAL FINALS RODEO, BY EVENT.  This will show points coming into finals, times/scores and points earned and average with total points at the end.  This is the where you will find the provincial champions and national qualifers!!
The 3 boxes on the left of the screen (All Round Leaders, Event Leaders & Every Event Standings are not where to find results for the provincial finals and are not up to date.  DONOT CLICK ON THESE BOXES FOR CORRECT STANDINGS FROM THE JUNIOR FINALS!!

Click the rodeo your interested in, & the click event (if it's prior to call in you will find your name if your entered) After call in & package is complete you will find the order go here, in the same spot.  After results are in you will find the results here too!
If you click event leaders it will give you every event & every constestant who has earned points in that event.
If you click Every Event Standings, you have to choose an event & you will get individual event standings.
SNAP feature: Put your back number in here, click snap, this is a contestants individual report.