Adult Executive and Student

President Riley Buker  780-835-9614 and  Ben Havell
Vice President Tracy Cardinal 780-523-1897 and Keely Miller
Secretary Coral Peats 780-835-0235 and Mansi Peats

Tie Down Rob Rasumssen 780-971-2279 and Logan Rasmussen
Chute Dogging Rob Rasmussen 780-971-2279 and Logan Rasmussen
Junior Bulls Jeremy Rowe 780-835-0360 and Ben Havell
Barrels Wendy Mulligan 780-524-3059 and Keely Miller
Poles Amy Woods 780-830-5131 and Julie Woods
Girls Breakaway Riley Buker 780-835-9614 and Keely Miller
Boys Breakaway Barry Kamieniecki 780-836-5542 and Braxton Rowe
Girls Goats Coral Peats 780-835-0235 and Mansi Peats
Boys Goats Jeremy Rowe 780-835-0360 and Ben Havell
Ribbon Roping Gary Havell 780-524-8255 and Logan Rasmussen
Team Roping Riley Buker 780-835-9614 and Holly Mulligan
Build a Cowboy Jeremy Rowe 780-835-0360

Ticket Coordinator Carrie Rasmussen 780-971-2279
Sponsorship Wendy Mulligan, Dee Parks, Penny Patton 780-524-3059/780-523-8888/780-954-2134
Education Kathy Ziemmer 780-786-2012
Flags/Grand Entry Jill Ruecker, Wynette Rutt 780-835-8850/780-524-2026
Banners Kamieniecki Family 780-836-5542

DISTRICT 3J Directors