Congratulations to JESSIE FERGUSON 2019-2020 AHSRA QUEEN!

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me as Miss Alberta High School Rodeo 2019 / 2020. After the two weeks, my family and I spent down in Rock Springs Wyoming at the National High School Rodeo, I was fortunate enough to finish tenth in the Nation in the Rodeo Queen Competition. Along with that, I came out with a tie for first in the Impromptu category, and top ten finishes in numerous other categories including, written test and modelling. I am very proud to have represented Alberta and our High School Rodeo Association, thank you for helping me to do so. I would like to thank my family, friends, and my sponsors who helped make it all possible. This was truly an amazing experience that has evolved me as an individual, I met so many great people and have accomplished many of my goals I set for myself. This was absolutely a great opportunity that I am thankful to have taken part in.

Sincerely, Jessie Ferguson
Miss Alberta High School Rodeo 2019




If a girl wants to enter the queen event, and compete in the event at provincial finals, she must declare herself as a queen contestant by January 1st, as the first part of the queen event qualification.

The second part of the qualification to be considered at queen contestant she must sell an additional 3 books of tickets by the April 1st deadline, beyond the required one book she sells as an AHSRA member.

If she chooses not to sell tickets she much find a $1000.00 sponsorship to go towards provincial finals by April 1st.

Applications for the event will still have to be submitted by the deadline as part of the criteria to enter the queen event.

The AHSRA will not host any queen clinics focusing on all aspects of the queen event.

The queen contestants will be responsible to find their own coaches and practice opportunities.

The queen contestant will work with host committees to find practice time at qualifying rodeo’s for impromptu, horsemanship and offer help to host committee when not competing.  The queen package to go with the proposed criteria will also include the requirements and a copy of the contract for the queen after she is crowned at provincial finals.

If nobody meets the criteria the AHSRA does not have a queen event, just like not qualifying for finals due to not meeting criteria in any other event.

Those that do meet the requirements will have proved they are seriously committed to the queen event prior to provincial finals and willing to go on and represent the AHSRA as queen and ambassadors for the association.