Congratulations to JESSIE FERGUSON 2019-2020 AHSRA QUEEN!

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me as Miss Alberta High School Rodeo 2019 / 2020. After the two weeks, my family and I spent down in Rock Springs Wyoming at the National High School Rodeo, I was fortunate enough to finish tenth in the Nation in the Rodeo Queen Competition. Along with that, I came out with a tie for first in the Impromptu category, and top ten finishes in numerous other categories including, written test and modelling. I am very proud to have represented Alberta and our High School Rodeo Association, thank you for helping me to do so. I would like to thank my family, friends, and my sponsors who helped make it all possible. This was truly an amazing experience that has evolved me as an individual, I met so many great people and have accomplished many of my goals I set for myself. This was absolutely a great opportunity that I am thankful to have taken part in.

Sincerely, Jessie Ferguson
Miss Alberta High School Rodeo 2019




Alberta High School Rodeo Queen Policies and Procedures – 2019


In accordance to the National High School Rodeo Rules, due to the unique nature of the Queen contest, we would like to add these policies and procedures to our Alberta High School Rodeo Queen contest and duties of the reigning queen. It would be beneficial to the duration of our program for these additions to be put in place to enhance consistency and structure among our passing queens and continuation of the position for each varying year. Policies that we would like to implement are to be in addition to the National rules and are simply to help expand our program by helping girls to develop their skills and become a better representative of our association and the sport of rodeo. These policies and procedures are noted below:


1)    The queen is to be treated alike any other rodeo contestant. She will be responsible to find her own coaches, practice opportunities, and preparation methods for the event just as other contestants would in any other event. She is able to find her own personal sponsors and is to follow all rules and procedures alike any other rodeo contestant.

2)    Committees are welcome to utilize the queen and queen contestants at their rodeos wherever they see fit to have an extra set of hands, being mindful that these girls are also rodeo contestants and will often be competing as well.

3)    If a queen is present at a High School rodeo, she must participate in grand entry wearing her banner and crown, and carry either the: Canada Flag, Alberta Flag, Alberta High School Rodeo flag or the National High School Rodeo flag.

4)    In addition to the seasonal rodeos, we will require our queen to attend the Jr. Provincial Finals, High School Provincial Finals, Nationals and the CFR to be present at the High School Rodeo booth and assist in selling extra raffle tickets. We also will be implementing that the reigning queen will be required to in addition to the mandatory AHSRA events, attend an additional 10 extra events (minimum) on their own time throughout their reign to promote the association. They will be required to report to the AHSRA queen coordinator, Codi Wilson, who will be more than happy to help organize these appearances.

5)    Rules of misconduct quoted in the National Rulebook are to be held to higher conduct and severity, due to the light that is placed on the position as it stands. The pulling of the crown and return of any given prizes will be a real consequence if these rules are not adhered to.

6)    At an elective event that the queen makes the decision to attend during their year, if they are in attendance as the queen, she shall be required to be fully dressed in her queen attire and still behave in a proper manner as the same policies are to follow her throughout the year in every aspect.

7)    The queen will be required to manage and maintain social media platforms and grow the network, on platforms which will be monitored.

8)    The queen will be required to be in constant contact with their coordinator, as communication throughout her year will be important to the success of the program to avoid any miscommunication.