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handshake deal, would have a 25-year relationship with Shade’s providing the stock all those years to
               the Strathmore High School Rodeo.
               The contestants and a handful of parents did almost everything at the first rodeos, it was all hands-on
               deck.  In the mid 1980’s Adult Event Directors were chosen to assist with the rodeos. Most of the rodeos
               in the 80’s were held each spring; however, the kids always looked forward to kicking off the season
               each fall at the Calgary Stampede Ranch. Winston Bruce and the Calgary Stampede Board sponsored this
               rodeo each fall out at the ranch near Hanna.
               Gordon recalls that at free trip to the NFR was sponsored by Mary Jo Birrell for the High Point Winner
               and Neil McKinnon would sponsor the High Point Cowboy’s trip to the NFR.  Marvin Krata - Federal
               Metals in Calgary, was also an early sponsor of the All-Around Saddles.
               A few other changes in the 80’s included the start of rodeo scholarships through the introduction of
               Bingos to the Association.  The Board of Director’s in the 80’s were instrumental in introducing this
               opportunity for the membership. Today through it’s Truck Raffle Alberta has one of the largest
               scholarship programs in the entire NHSRA. Gordon also recalls that Wally Kostelansky purchased one of
               the first electric eyes for the association to use in the Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. Many families
               contributed their time and at times even their own money to secure the success of the AHSRA.

               Alberta was competitive at the National level from the day it became a part of the NHSRA. In 1973, Craig
               Butterfield was the co winner of the NHSRA Steer Wrestling Championship, making him the first
               National Champion from the province of Alberta.  Gordon and the original crew were always so excited
               to see the success their members had competing at the NHSRA Final all over the United States.
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