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2020 Fall Rodeos

  • Stettler Rodeo - Stettler Rodeo Grounds
    • Thank you to the Stettler committee for an awesome start to our season!
  • Mountain View Rodeo - Sundre Rodeo Grounds
  • You must bring your waiver, signed by your principal (and parents) to this rodeo
    • September 18 10:00am
    • Online Entries Open August 29
    • Call Ins September 8
    • No stalls, self penning allowed
    • 410 - 2nd Ave NW; From Olds - Hwy 27 to Sundre lights, turn right , go past River Valley school and JOKO's convenience store, turn left and follow road to grounds; From RMH - Hwy 22 to Sundre, turn left, go through town to the lights, turn left, go past school to JOKO's convenience store, turn left and follow road to grounds.
    • Fundraiser on Saturday night after the rodeo in Sundre, Team Pole Bending event.  Everyone is welcome to participate.
    • Please spread your manure and clean up your garbage.
    • No parking on the west side of the track.
    • No riding in the arena.
  • Rimbey Rodeo - Rimbey Agrim Centre
    • September 25 10:00am
    • Online Entries Open September 5
    • Call Ins September 15
    • The stalls are $35/night which includes 1 bag of shavings per night.  Users are required to clean their stalls or they will be charged. 
  • Below are the rules for the Agrim Centre.
    • Maximum 50 contestants’/rodeo personnel on the arena floor at any time.
    • Contestants may not congregate in the warm up pen.
    • Only 1 event allowed in the warm up pen at a time.
    • Once that event is complete the next event may enter the arena. 
    • Once contestants’ events are completed they must exit the building promptly.
    • If not camping on grounds, we ask contestants & families to leave grounds promptly.
    • Maximum 100 spectators in the stands.
    • Users not following rules and protocols will be asked to leave.
    • Camping is allowed with social distancing adhered to.
    • Self Penners, campers and indoor stall users please enter the north west over head gate.
    • Day parking please use north east gate.
    • Stalling is available, stalling form will be emailed to contestants.
    • Stalls must be cleaned prior to departure.
    • Self-penning allowed – South of the barn – Clean up after your horses.
    • Camping - North of the barn - NO SELF PENNING NORTH OF THE BARN.
    • Horses may be tied to trailers during the day but must clean up.
    • Day parking – North & South of the Agrim - Please clean up after your horses.
    • Please abide by all Alberta Health Services regulations and we ask you leave the grounds as soon as you can.
    • Parking allocation map will be emailed to members.
    • We understand the COVID 19 restrictions are limiting.  We ask you DO NOT bring non-essential spectators as the numbers are limited and non-essential people may be asked to leave to ensure space for contestants.  Please avoid congregating both inside and outside the arenas and camping areas.  The safety of all visitors to The Co-operators Agrim Centre is of primary importance. We thank you for choosing our facility and look forward to your event.
  • Carstairs Rodeo - Carstairs Rodeo Grounds
    • Call Ins Sept 22
    • October 2 2:00pm
    • October 3 9:00am
    • Goat Roping Friday night
    • Camping and self penning are allowed, please spread manure
  • Stettler Junior High School Rodeo - Stettler Rodeo Grounds
    • October 17 2:00pm
    • October 18 10:00am
    • Camping and self penning are allowed
    • Box Stalls $20/night
    • Will be outdoors if weather permits, otherwise will be indoors
Event Directors:

Ribbon Roping – Matt Fawcett, Caleb Fawcett

Tie Down Roping – Steve Bishell, Nathan Bishell

Team Roping - Darcy Freemark, Roan Heck

Girls Breakaway – Tammy Burns, Macey Burns

Boys Breakaway – Kelly Strandquist, Kade Strandquist

Girls Goat Tying – Brenda Sheehan, Maisie Burlock

Boys Goat Tying - Steve/Shanna Bishell, Nathan Bishell

Chute Dogging - Trygve Pugh, Cash Yule

Pole Bending – Haley Powell, Andi Powell               

Barrel Racing - Christine Ross, Aubrey Ross

Bull Riding - Denton Edge/Scott Schiffner/Jack Skjonsberg, Jeremy Maisonneuve                                            

Saddle Bronc Steer - Denton Edge/Scott Schiffner/Jack Skjonsberg, Whip Gertner                                                       

Bareback Steer - Denton Edge/Scott Schiffner/Jack Skjonsberg, Quaide Skjonsberg                                             

Build A Cowboy - TBD                                                                                             

Year End Prize Coordinators: Rhonda Strandquist & Jolynn Pugh

Education Coordinator: Shawna Speakman

Ticket Administrator: Amy Keith


6:00PM-10:00PM 403-323-7070