Info from the Executive Board.

Chair/National Director Update – November 14, 2020

• Thank you to those members who attended out AGM this year. We have passed the financial statements for 2019/2020 and they will be posted to the website.

• AHSRA will be doing an apparel bid process in the new year for anyone interested

• Policies and procedures have been updated to ensure clarity on several items. One being if a team event 1 partner turns out for Medical/Vet or just a turn out the other partner can pick a partner entered in rodeo but not competing in that event.

• A sanction fee for optional events only is set at $100 per rodeo. Example a stand-alone Working Cow Horse and Cutting event will only cost $100/day instead of $200.

• In 2022 AHSRA will be celebrating their 50th anniversary if you have an idea of how we can celebrate share your ideas with your executive.

• Olds committee has requested a year extension on their bid as they were unable to host this year. The board has granted this so 2021 and 2022 finals will be held in Olds.

• The board has motioned to increase the 10 provincial scholarships to $1000 per from $750.

• AHSRA will be having (hopefully with new COVID measures) a casino Feb 6-7 2021. Be sure to contact Trish Seitz to sign up as a volunteer. Your child will receive $60 in additional scholarship for all those who assist.

• Report cards need to be uploaded by March 1st t compete in the Spring so as you receive them be sure to upload.

• The board has passed a motion to not charge a finals fee or insurance fee at the rodeos starting this spring.

Yours truly,

Patricia McKean                            Ronald Schmidt
Board Chair                                    National Director
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