Shooting page

The AHSRA offers Shooting as an event at our Provincial Finals. We offer a 22 caliber (rim fire) long rifle.
Shooting at 50 yards in 3 positions
  • Standing, 
  • Kneeling 
  • and Prone (laying down)
We utilize an NRA official target A5.
This shooting competition offers the top 4 qualifiers from the Jr. High and High School Divisions, spots on the National Team. This event is an optional event and doesn’t count for the Alberta High School Rodeo High Point, but allows those with an interest in shooting to be a part of the AHSRA. There are multiple opportunities to qualify for prizes and scholarships through your participation in this event.  At the NHSRA Finals, there is also an added component of Trap shooting or Skeet shooting .  These options are not yet available in the AHSRA but we are working towards including them. 
If Shooting is an event you are interested in entering  - please contact the and they will connect you with the Shooting Coordinator – Celeste Chaytors. 
The following links will help you with preparation for attending the NHSRA Finals as a Shooting Contestant.