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NHSRA Rulebook

The AHSRA Follows the NHSRA Rulebook. It is the responsibility of the members to read the rulebook and know the rules.

NHSRA patch policy

Members must also adhere to the NHSRA Patch Policy. 

AHSRA Policies & Procedures manual

View the AHSRA Policies and Procedures Manual here – click on the arrow  at the right to expand each section – or download it here. 

1.1. Code of Conduct

1.2. Conflict of Interest 

1.3. Social Media Policy 

1.4. Insurance Requirements 

1.5. Bullying & Harassment 

1.6. Audit 

1.7. Signature Policy 

1.8. Records Retention 

1.9. Use of Logo 

1.9.1 Fair Use 

1.9.2. Use by Members & Non-Members 

1.9.3 Permission and Approval 

The Alberta High School Rodeo Association (AHSRA) shall have the authority to require duly elected members of the board of directors to sign an oath of confidentiality that applies to confidential, legal, financial, proprietary and intellectual information of the association as a requirement to serve on the board.

Goal: To establish a set of principles and practices for the AHSRA Board of Directors that will set parameters and provide guidance and direction for board conduct and decision-making.

1.1. Code of Conduct 

Members of the Board of Directors of the AHSRA are committed to observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their responsibilities on the board of the AHSRA. Board members pledge to accept this code as minimum guideline for ethical conduct and shall:

  • Faithfully abide by the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and Policies of AHSRA.
  • Exercise reasonable care, good faith and due diligence in organizational affairs.
  • Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived or actual conflict of interest.
  • Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information of fact that would have significance in board decision-making.
  • Remain accountable for prudent fiscal management to association members, the board, and nonprofit sector, and where applicable, to government and funding bodies.
  • Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, and objectivity in all AHSRA activities and strive to uphold those practices and assist other AHSRA members of the board in upholding the highest standards of conduct
  • Exercise the powers invested for the good of all members of the organization rather than for his or her personal benefit.
  • Ensure all association members have access to appropriate and effective services without discrimination based on geography, political, religious, or socio-economical characteristics of the district or division represented.
  • Ensure all association members have access to appropriate and effective information from the association in a timely manner.
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information known due to board service.
  • Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the AHSRA board, committees and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate.
  • Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among association members.

As a board member or contract worker I will:

  • Listen carefully to my fellow board members.
  • Respect the opinions of my fellow board members.
  • Respect and support the decisions of the board majority.
  • Recognize that all authority is vested in the full board only when it meets in legal session.
  • Keep well-informed of developments relevant to issues that may come before the board.
  • Participate actively in board meetings and actions.
  • Bring to the attention of the board any issues that I believe will have an adverse effect on the organization or those we serve.
  • Attempt to interpret the needs of those we serve to the organization and interpret the actions of the organization to those we serve.
  • Refer complaints to the proper level in the chain of command.
  • Recognize that my job is to ensure that the organization is well-managed, not to manage the organization.
  • Represent all those whom this organization serves and not a specific geographic area or interest group.
  • Consider myself a “trustee” of the organization and do my best to ensure that it is well maintained, financially secure, growing and always operating in the best interest of those we serve.
  • Always work to improve my role and job knowledge within the association.
  • Declare conflicts of interest between my personal life and position on the board and abstain from voting when appropriate.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will not:

  • Criticize fellow board members or their opinions in or out of the boardroom.
  • Use the organization for my personal advantage or that of my friends or relatives.
  • Discuss the confidential proceedings of the board outside the boardroom.

1.2. Conflict of Interest

Members of the Board of Directors are prohibited from activities that might present conflicts of interest.

  • The powers of directorship may not be used to personally benefit the director at the Association’s expense.
  • If a director has a financial interest in a corporate transaction, the director must fully disclose the interest and abstain from any discussion on the matter.
  • The director shall leave the room when the vote is taken.
  • These steps shall be recorded in the minutes.

1.3. Social Media Policy

The association shall have the authority to require signature agreements to Social Media Policies for the student and adult members as a requirement of member. The purpose of said policies is to protect the membership, association and its official representatives from inaccurate, detrimental, threatening, harassing and derogatory information, as well as from creating unauthorized websites and social media accounts utilizing the association name whether directly or indirectly.

Inappropriate posts on social media that are detrimental to the NHSRA and/or AHSRA will not be tolerated and will be considered an infraction of the conduct rule and will be dealt with accordingly.

1.4. Insurance Requirements

Reasonable and adequate coverage will be maintained to protect the Association’s interests as

well as the Board of Directors and the Association’s employees/contractors.

  • Insurance Policies shall be carefully reviewed by the Provincial Secretary and the Board Chair before renewal each year.
  • Insurance policies must meet or exceed the requirements of the NHSRA.

1.5. Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment by conduct or speech of any official, director, committee member, volunteer or contestant while in the area or on the grounds of a sanctioned event will not be tolerated and will be considered an infraction of the conduct rule and will be dealt with according to the NHSRA Rulebook.

Harassment of directors, contractors and paid personnel away from rodeos, will also be addressed according to the Bullying and Harassment rules as per the NHSRA Rulebook .

1.6. Audit

  • The AHSRA will have an audit or a review providing Notice to Reader of its financial statements annually, within 4 months of the end of each the fiscal year.
  • The audit shall be completed by a firm of Independent Certified Public Accountants, voted on and decided by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The board chair and provincial secretary shall have direct responsibility in overseeing the implementation of the Annual Financial Audit.
  • The presentation of the Audited Statements shall be presented to the board by the board chair and provincial secretary.
  • The board chair or designate will present the audited financials at the AGM for the approval by the membership.

1.7. Signature Policy

A relevant invoice must accompany each cheque for the cheque signers to review. Two signatures are required for the following:

  • Cheques 
  • Drafts
  • Orders for payment of money
  • Online payments via RBC Express
  • Contracts and commitments for services issued in the name of the Association.  

Signing authority will be given to the Board Chair and National Director and three (3) other members of the board.

  • The Board of Directors may appoint signing authority to additional board members.
  • When possible the day-to-day financial operations and account reconciliation is completed by someone other than the cheque signer or writer.

1.8. Records Retention

The physical and electronic records of the Association will be retained for a minimum of one (1) year. (report cards, principal forms, etc.)

All financial documents will be retained for a period of seven (7) years.The records will be maintained by the Bookkeeper or Provincial Secretary.

1.9. Use of Logo

The name and logo are valuable properties of the Alberta High School Rodeo Association  (AHSRA).

1.9.1 Fair Use

  • The term AHSRA may be used by media, members, etc. as covered by fair use, but may not be altered. 
  • Do NOT use lower case letters (i.e. ahsra, Ahsra). 
  • The AHSRA logo may not be altered in any manner including color.

1.9.2. Use by Members & Non-Members

  • Members wanting to use the logo for printing, advertising, etc. must have usage approved by the Board of Directors. Any funds raised by use of the logo may require a percentage to be paid to the AHSRA.
  • Non-members may not use the AHSRA logo in any fashion to show affiliation with AHSRA without written permission from the AHSRA.

1.9.3 Permission and Approval

  • The AHSRA logo may not be used to imply affiliation with or endorsement by AHSRA without written permission from the AHSRA. 
  • Once permission is granted, the logo may be used only for the stated purpose and in the manner for which permission is granted. 
  • Each request will be evaluated individually, and permission will be granted based on the discretion of the AHSRA board of directors.

2. Compensation, Payroll, Financial Information

Pay cheques or direct deposits will be provided to each employee or contractor by the Board Chair. Monthly payroll expenses shall be verified by the Board Chair against payroll reports and direct deposit reports and reconciled with financial account reports.

2.1. Approved Travel & Expenses

This policy is intended to ensure fair and reasonable practices, and to ensure that Board members are properly reimbursed for expenses incurred on Association business. Note: The AHSRA does not hold any association credit cards. 

Expenditures including office supplies will be paid personally; expenses will be submitted for approval on an expense report for reimbursement. 

Authorized personal credit card expenditures to be reimbursed may be but not limited to:

  • Airline tickets for properly authorized business trips (Economy only)
  • Lodging and meal charges that do not exceed the authorized reimbursement rate for persons travelling on official association business.
  • Car rental charges (for mid-size or smaller vehicles) for properly authorized business trips.
  • Properly authorized expenditures for which a credit card is the allowed method of payment.

Board approval by a motion is required for National directors or board members to claim expenses for spouses to attend the national meeting. 

Receipts must be compiled and submitted with an expense report. Unapproved expenses will not be reimbursed for personal or non-business expenditures of any kind or expenditures which have not been properly authorized. 

Meals, entertainment, gifts or other expenditures that will not be reimbursed include: expenditures which are prohibited by the association budget and or policies, federal, provincial or local laws or regulations, grant conditions or policies of the entities from which the association receives funds.

2.2. Association Business Expenses

Expenses may be claimed for the following AHSRA activities:

  • AHSRA Board Meetings, 
  • Annual General Meeting, 
  • Provincial Finals Committee Meetings and 
  • NHSRA Meetings


The Association will not reimburse an employee or director for separate travel costs associated with his/her spouse or partner. However, the cost of a shared hotel room need not be allocated between an employee or director and his/her spouse or partner for purposes of this Policy.

2.2.1. Mileage for use of Personal Vehicle

  • The current provincial mileage rate will be used to calculate travel reimbursement. 
  • Kms must be logged, and description provided on an expense claim form.

2.2.2. Accommodations

  • One night’s stay per board meeting per board member.
  • If the distance is beyond 5 hours travel, 2 nights hotel room will be paid.
  • For all lodging expenditures, hotel receipts must be submitted; credit card charge slips do not represent adequate supporting documentation (personal credit card).
  • The board member may claim the actual expense of hiring or renting a third-party vehicle with receipts while travelling out of Alberta (personal credit card).  
  • Accommodations outside of Alberta:
    • The board member may claim the actual expense of accommodations per night with receipts while travelling outside of Alberta. 
    • An itemized receipt from the hotel is required detailing every charge and the name(s) of the person(s) for whom lodging was provided (personal credit card).

2.2.3. Meals

  • Provide a receipt showing the cost for food, beverages and gratuities.

2.2.4. Other Expenditures

  • A receipt from the vendor detailing every individual good or service purchased (including class of service for commercial transportation) accompanied by an explanation of the specific business purpose which was furthered by each expenditure. 
  • The Board Chair and Provincial Secretary will double check all reimbursement requests against receipts provided

2.3. Purchasing

  • Any expenditure outside the approved budget should have bids from three suppliers if possible.   
  • While the lowest bid may not necessarily be selected, the reason for selecting accepting a higher bid must be documented and kept on file. These bids are reviewed by the board and must be specifically approved by the board. (ie, buckles and other awards)
  • Purchases included in the approved budget may be made at the discretion of the Provincial Secretary without competitive bids. Regarding purchases of fixed assets, reasonable diligence should be exercised to comparatively shop for available sources.
  • Any purchase made by a board member on behalf of the Association will require prior approval by the Board Chair and must be submitted for reimbursement on an expense form.

2.4. Leases and Contractual Agreements

Leases and other contractual agreements are negotiated and signed by the Board Chair and National Director. The Board Chair and National Director are authorized to develop and enter contractual agreements with vendors, bankers, and third parties for the purpose of ensuring the Association’s general operations.

  • Contract positions of the Association must have a job description approved by the Board.
  • Any contract positions must be advertised, and applications submitted for the board to review, followed by an interview process with the full board being involved in the decision of awarding the contract position. to someone.
  • To maintain the confidence of the public and the membership, all contracts will be awarded in an atmosphere of openness, competitive opportunity, and equal access to information.
  • The association will not enter into contracts that knowingly place the Association in financial jeopardy.
  • Any board member who has submitted a bid on a contract must withdraw from both discussion and voting on the contract.
  • The Board of Directors shall review all agreements and make recommendations when necessary.

2.5. Banking

The Board Chair shall maintain and oversee all banking and investment accounts and ensure the Association’s day-to-day financial operations follow proper accounting procedures.

  • Several accounts may be maintained by the Association
  • Bank deposits must be prepared and deposited into the appropriate account within one week of receipt.
  • A copy of the deposit slip must be provided to the bookkeeper.
  • Copies of all cheques or vouchers for grants and contracts must be provided to the bookkeeper.
  • Bank reconciliations shall be completed monthly by the contracted bookkeeper and cross referenced with the cash and receipts logs and the monthly financial statements.
  • Financial statements shall be compiled by the contracted bookkeeper.
  • The contracted bookkeeper and the Board Chair shall have access to all banking platforms.
  • Financial statements shall be reviewed and signed by the Board Chair or a designate and presented to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  • The Board Chair or designate will physically examine the financial records by reviewing the receipts and records provided by the bookkeeper; ensuring that all receipts are listed by date received, name of the payer and the reasons for receipt.
  • All bank statements will be reconciled every month by the bookkeeper, and records will be stored at the bookkeeper’s office.

2.5.1 Investment Reports and Investment Policies

Investments shall be reported with the monthly financial statements. The Board Chair and Provincial Secretary, with oversight of the Board of Directors, shall review and determine the general investment strategy for all funds.

The philosophy of the Association’s short-term investments is safety of principal and liquidity.

3.1. Membership Policies

All new and renewing members must follow the process as outlined on the AHSRA website: http://albertahsrodeo.com/membership.aspx 

  • All new and renewing memberships must will be purchased processed through the online membership registration at https://nhsra.equestevent.com/
  • Failure to know or understand the deadlines and rules will not be accepted as an excuse in any situation. All members should become familiar with the website as it is the main source of information for the membership. www.albertahsrodeo.com
  • Emails will be sent throughout the year with information and reminders of deadlines. These may come from your district secretary or provincial secretary. 
  • The Alberta High School Rodeo Facebook pages are a source of ‘unofficial’ information. Information that is provided on the website or by the Provincial or District Secretaries is the only source of official information.
  • February 1st is the deadline for purchasing a new or renewing membership for the current year. No memberships will be accepted or processed after February 1st.

3.2. Fee Schedule

3.2.1.Membership costs

High School (Grade 9-12)

  • Until August 1st – $275.00 (plus transaction fees)
  • After August 1st – $325.00 (plus transaction fees)

Junior High (Grade 5-8)

  • Until August 1st – $225.00 (plus transaction fees)
  • After August 1st – $275.00 (plus transaction fees)

Adult Memberships may be purchased for $2.00.

3.2.2. Late Fees

Memberships that are purchased before August 1st, but do not have the required paperwork uploaded to the member’s MMS  profile will be assessed an additional $50 late fee. This will be communicated to the member in an email from the Provincial Secretary.  

  • Late fees may be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer to ahsraoffice@gmail.com
  • Members who have been assessed a late fee will not be allowed to compete until the fee is paid. 

3.2.2. Entry Fees

  • Finals Entry Fees: $75 per event
  • District Rodeo Entry Fees:
    • Barrel Racing and Pole Bending – $25.00 per day
    • Timed Stock events and Junior High Roughstock – $35.00 per day
    • High School Roughstock – $60.00 per day

3.2.3. Sanction Fees

  • $200 per rodeo
  • $100 per rodeo for optional events only

3.3. Refunds

The AHSRA will allow membership refunds if the member meets one of the following criteria: 

  • has NOT submitted their membership paperwork
  • has NOT entered a rodeo. 

The member must request a refund for it to be issued. Refunds are to be requested within three (3) months from the date of purchase.

After a rodeo has been entered, the member is considered an association member and must complete all requirements to be a member in good standing for that year if they wish to compete at a later date within the designated rodeo year (fall to spring). 

3.4. Deadlines

All deadlines are definite, and it is the responsibility of the member to meet them as such. This includes: 

  • Qualifying rodeo entries
  • Provincial finals entries
  • Raffle ticket returns
  • Report card and scholarship application submission 

Further actions will be taken if deadlines are not met as required. There will be no exceptions granted.

Any member who does not meet the following deadlines will not be eligible to receive their raffle scholarship for that year, with the ability to appeal:  

  • Memberships completed with all paperwork by Feb. 1 deadline, 
  • Report cards uploaded by March 1 of current year or 
  • Who backs out of a commitment either Cinch Team or signing up for Canadians or Nationals.

3.5 Back Numbers & Attire

Back numbers must be worn at all times including when at a rodeo, or in the community where the rodeo is being held. 

  • Back numbers must always be visible and attached to the member’s back. 
  • The District Secretary will provide back numbers at the first rodeo you attend.
  • Western attire must be worn by the contestant one hour prior to the rodeo up until one hour after the rodeo.
  • Be aware of the conduct rules listed in the NHSRA rulebook.

3.7. Fines and Penalties

All fines collected will be deposited into the district/division season leader prize fundraising account to be used by the district.

3.7.1. Missed Meetings

If a contestant is entered in a rodeo and a mandatory meeting is being held at that rodeo the contestant must attend. Exceptions to this will be a medical out of the rodeo. Should the contestant not be in attendance when roll call is done the contestant will be fined $50.00.

3.7.2. Missed Duties

Contestants in barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying will have duties. Duties can be assigned in various ways, it doesn’t have to always be the top and bottom in the event. Districts can come up with ways to assign duties. Essentially it is the event director’s responsibility.

  • Barrel Racing – 6 required 
  • Pole Bending – 6 required
  • Goat Tying – 4 required

Contestants who miss duties or are late for duties shall be assessed a $50 fine, which is payable to their district prize committee.  For Barrel Racing and Pole Bending, the contestant must show up no later than the halfway mark of the event to not be considered late.

3.7.3. Altered Confirmations

If an entry confirmation is proven to be altered and cannot be verified by the district secretary or IT backup records, the contestant is immediately disqualified for the remainder of the season, deemed a member not in good standing, and will not be allowed to compete at the finals.

3.8. Entry Procedures (Online and Call In)

3.8.1 Online entries 

  • Online entries are done through EQuest Event. The link is available from the AHSRA homepage, in the top right hand corner – click ENTRY LOGIN.  
  • Members must create an EQuest Event account and link it to their NHSRA account. Instructions are on the Entry Information page
  • Entries open approximately three (3) weeks prior to each rodeo date. Entries remain open for ten (11) days and close at 10:00 pm on Tuesday evenings. Online entries will remain open during call ins, with both closing at the same time.  
  • Each rodeo has its own unique link in EQuest Event, and each day must be entered separately. When entries are open for a specific rodeo, the member will see it in their profile. All rodeo information will be posted on the EQuest Event page. 
  • In a team event (Team Roping and Ribbon Roping) both members MUST enter. You will need your partner’s EQE# in order to enter with them. 
  • Entry confirmations are saved in the system. There are no confirmation emails or PDFs required. 
  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that you have verified your entry.

3.8.2 Call in entries

  • If you call in to enter is it important you check the call-in date for each rodeo.
  • You can only call in on specific dates and times.
  • You will receive verbal confirmation of your entry from the operator. This will be the only confirmation you will receive of your entry.
  • The call-in number for all districts is 403-323-7070 and is open Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. All Districts call in on Tuesday from 6:00pm – 10:00pm – approx. 10 days (two Tuesdays prior to the rodeo).

3.8.3 Changes to entries

  • You have the ability to add an event to your entry to the rodeo until it closes online or by calling in on entry night. 
  • The only way to remove an event from your entry is to call in on entry night. 
  • If you have entered online, the only reason you would need to call in on entry night is to make changes to your entry or to verify that your entry is correct. 

3.9. Rodeo Forms

The following forms are required by all contestants. 

3.9.1 Entry / Parental Release Form 

  • A signed Rodeo Entry / Parent Release Form must be submitted for every rodeo. This form must be handed in at the rodeo office when the contestant pays their entry fees. If a contestant does not have a signed form,  they will not be allowed to compete.
  • Forms will be collected by the rodeo office and the District Education Coordinator will pick them up by the end of the rodeo weekend for AHSRA records.

3.9.2 Principal Form 

  • A signed Principal Form must be provided twice per year: 
    • At the beginning of the fall rodeo season (first rodeo after the student has started school) 
    • At the beginning of the spring rodeo season
  • Forms will be collected by the rodeo office and the District Education Coordinator will pick them up. 
  • Failure to provide a Principal Form will result in the contestant being unable to compete. It is up to the District Executive to determine a course of action for late or missing forms. 

3.9.3. Homeschooled Students

  • Homeschooled students must provide a signed Homeschool Form
  • This form is to be uploaded to the member’s MMS profile. 

See the NHSRA Rulebook for specific information about homeschool students. 

3.10. Report Cards

  • Every member is required to provide a report card by March 1st of the current year. The District Education Coordinator in your district/division will monitor this. All report cards must be uploaded into the contestant’s membership profile at https://nhsra.equestevent.com/.
  • Check the website for the contact information of the Education Coordinator in your district or division.
  • Members will not be allowed to compete until their report card is on file with the Education Coordinator or uploaded to the NHSRA website.
  • If you have entered a rodeo after March 1, and the report card is not on file, you will be removed from the draw. 
  • Report cards must meet the requirements set out in the NHSRA Rule Book.

3.11. Turn Out Policy

Any contestant turning out of any event must contact the AHSRA Data Secretary who handles Turn Outs for all Districts – Email to ahsraturnout@gmail.com

  • If notification of a turn out is given prior to 48 hours before the rodeo starts, the contestant is required to pay the entry fee, but will not be fined.
  • Any turn out that occurs less than after the 48 hours before the start of the rodeo will be fined $60.00/ per performance in addition to the entry fees. All fines collected will be given to the committee who hosted the rodeo.
  • A turnout for bereavement is still considered a turnout – all fees and fines apply.
  • The Provincial Data Secretary will manage the turnouts and fee / fine collection. These fees will be returned to the committee that incurred the turnouts.
  • Medical turn outs – A medical out can occur at any time before and/or during the rodeo. 
    • Before the rodeo – The contestant must provide a doctor’s note to the data secretary. A doctor’s note is also required before returning to competition (unless the first note specifies a date to return to competition.) 
    • If the medical note is provided within a reasonable time frame, no entry fees or fine will be assessed. However, if the contestant provides a backdated medical note or does not provide it within a reasonable time frame, resulting in the host committee incurring stock charges for that contestant, fees and a turnout fine may be assessed, at the discretion of the board chair and/or national director. 
    • If the contestant is entered at a rodeo and they get hurt on the first day, their entry fee will be refunded for the next day only, however they must present a doctor’s note upon return.
  • Vet outs require a note from a Veterinarian stating the horse is currently in their care and is deemed to be unfit at that time to safely compete on. If not sent to the turnout secretary prior to the rodeo the Vet notes must be sent to the Provincial Data Secretary by Wednesday at 5pm the week immediately following the rodeo.  If no vet note is submitted by this time, the turnout will be considered regular and entry fees and/or fines will be owed.
  • All contestants must pay all fees and fines owing to the committee prior to returning to competition. This includes all turnout fines and entry fees. If the fees are not collected the contestant will be placed on the blacklist. 
  • If one half of a team member (Ribbon Roping and Team Roping) medicals or vets out, or is a non-notified turnout, the other half of the team has the option: 
  1. The other half of the team can try and find another partner who is entered in that rodeo, but not competing in that event. The picked-up partner must pay his/her entry fee for that event. 
  2. The option to medical/vet/turn out. If it is a non- notified turn out the member who turns out pays the regular turnout fees and fines, as does the partner. No fees or fines are owed if it is a medical or vet out.    
  3. The exception to this is at the national level or Provincial finals; if one end of the team medicals out, the whole team is out.

3.12. Grad Set Up Policy

  • Grad setups will be reviewed and approved by the District President, Vice-President and Secretary,  with the National Director having the final say.
  • The AHSRA will accept setups for graduates only.
  • The graduating contestant must email or mail the completed Grad Set Up Form to their District Secretary at least two (2) weeks prior to the graduation date.

3.13. Qualifying Rodeos

3.14. NSF Cheques

  • Anyone writing an NSF cheque will be blacklisted and listed on the website as fees owing.
  • NSF charges will be the going rate charged by the Royal Bank.
  • Anyone writing an NSF cheque will be placed on a cash- only basis for the remainder of the year, and will not be able to enter any more rodeos until the NSF is cleared up.
  • If already entered, the contestant must pay all fees AND the NSF by cash before being allowed to compete at that rodeo.

3.15. Raffle Ticket Policy

  • Each AHSRA Member is required to sell one (1) book of raffle tickets containing (20) tickets and return the tickets with payment in full either in person or by mail (postmarked) by April 1 of each calendar year as part of the membership policy. 
  • Ticket Coordinators are appointed for each District, and the Junior Division, as well as a Provincial Ticket Coordinator who oversees the raffle and its processes. Their names and contact information are available at https://albertahsrodeo.com/raffle/.
  • The Ticket Coordinators will distribute and collect the tickets for each District. Tickets will be handed out in September and shall be returned by April 1.
  • Must be 18 years of age and be a resident of Canada to purchase a raffle ticket.
  • If a member loses their book of tickets, they must immediately contact their Ticket Coordinator or the Provincial Ticket Coordinator in order to comply with the AGLC gaming license rules. The Provincial Ticket Coordinator will assist the member in the processes required to deal with lost tickets. The member is still required to sell a complete book of tickets even if they lose one, and they must do so within the required timelines.
  • Any member who does not deliver or have their tickets postmarked by April 1 of the competition year will:
    • Not be eligible for any Provincial finals
    • Not be considered a member in good standing
    • Be ineligible for any scholarship monies
    • Not able to enter any further AHSRA rodeos
    • Be placed on the blacklist until tickets are dealt with. Once the member hands in a completely sold book with payment he/she shall return to good standing, will be able to enter rodeos, and will be taken off the blacklist.
  • The raffle ticket deadline is April 1 – No exceptions.
  • The Provincial Ticket Coordinator is available at any time to assist a member with his or her tickets if they require assistance for any reason. Their contact information will be posted at https://albertahsrodeo.com/raffle/.

3.16. Queen contest

  • Applications for the event will still have to be submitted by the deadline as part of the criteria to enter the Queen Event. Deadline will be March 15 of the current rodeo year.
  • AHSRA Queen contestants must be members in good standing with the AHSRA.
  • The queen contestants will be responsible to find their own coaches and practice opportunities.
  • The queen package sent to each contestant will clearly outline the responsibilities, expectations and requirements of the AHSRA Queen.
  • The queen contestant will work with host committees to find practice time at qualifying rodeos for impromptu, horsemanship and offer help to the host committee when not competing.
  • Committees are welcome to utilize the queen and queen contestants at their rodeos wherever they see fit to have an extra set of hands, being mindful that these girls are also rodeo contestants and will often be competing as well.
  • The Queen is to be treated like any other rodeo contestant. She will be responsible to find her own coaches, practice opportunities, and preparation methods for the event just as other contestants would in any other event. She can find her own personal sponsors and is to follow all rules and procedures like any other rodeo contestant.
  • If a queen is present at a High School rodeo, she must participate in the Grand Entry wearing her banner and crown, and carry either the: Canada Flag, Alberta Flag, Alberta High School Rodeo  flag or the National High School Rodeo flag.
  • In addition to the seasonal rodeos, we will require our Queen to attend the following events: Junior Provincial Finals, High School Provincial Finals, Nationals, Canadians and the CFR to be present at the High School Rodeo booth and assist in selling extra raffle tickets. We also will be implementing that the reigning Queen will be required to attend in addition to the mandatory AHSRA events, an additional 10 extra events (minimum) on their own time throughout their reign to promote the association. They will be required to report to the AHSRA Queen Coordinator, who will be more than happy to help organize these appearances.
  • Rules of misconduct quoted in the National Rulebook are to be held to higher conduct and severity, due to the light that is placed on the position as it stands. The pulling of the crown and return of any given prizes will be a real consequence if these rules are not adhered to.
  • At all elective events, if the AHSRA Queen is there in an official capacity, she shall be required to be fully dressed in her queen attire and adhere to all policies as per the NHSRA.
  • The Queen Coordinator will work together with the Queen on social media posts.
  • The AHSRA Queen and Coordinator may host fundraisers to raise funds for their event/program.
  • The queen will be required to be in constant contact with her coordinator to avoid any miscommunication. 
  • In the unforeseen event where these commitments cannot be carried through (ie: Covid-19 Pandemic, etc.) it is to be discussed with the committee to make a further decision upon whether exceptions to these guidelines can be made. 

3.17. National Programs

There are programs offered by the NHSRA that are optional to participate in. Applications are available on the national website www.nhsra.com

  • Professional’s Choice Equine Athlete of the Month:  
    • The program honors and recognizes the horse of one girl and one boy each month.
    • To be eligible for the honor, students may apply through the NHSRA office. Horses do NOT need to be registered in order to qualify for this program. 
    • Winners are featured each month in the NHSRA Times.
  • Professional’s Choice Student Athlete of the Month program: 
    • The program rewards one girl and one boy each month with a Professional’s Choice Air Ride Saddle Pad and qualifies each monthly winner for two $1,000 scholarships (one boy and one girls) to be awarded at the end of the rodeo season. 
    • To be eligible for the honor, students must apply to the NHSRA office. The application includes questions about the extracurricular activities, volunteerism, and goals of each applicant. As part of the application process, each applicant must also submit a letter of recommendation as well as a 150-word essay. Winners are featured each month in the NHSRA Times. 
    • Scholarship winners are announced each year at the National High School Finals Rodeo.
  • NHSRA Crisis Fund
    • The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to offset the costs associated with an injury or death sustained by an NHSRA member at a sanctioned high school rodeo or while traveling to or from a high school rodeo.
    • Each province/state has the option of participating in a basket fundraiser to assist the crisis fund. Further information on this opportunity will be in the contestant’s national finals package.

4.1. Qualifying and Entering for Provincials

Contestants will qualify for the Provincial finals as follows:

  • Junior High – Top 10 per event / district to a maximum of 30 contestants in each event.*  
  • High School – Top 12 per event / district to a maximum of 36 contestants in each event.*

*There may be more than the maximum number of contestants if there are ties in the bottom position from each district. 

  • All contestants must enter the finals. Contestants must be aware of their position in the standings prior to entries. Contestants sitting outside the top 10 or 12 (to 20th place) are encouraged to enter just in case there are of turnouts or missed entries within the top 10 or 12.
  • Roll ups can be taken from within the respective district involving a medical out, vet out or missed entry.
  • In order for a contestant to be eligible to roll up for any of these positions they must have at least one point.
  • When entries close and if a district has not filled all qualifying positions offered to them, then positions will be filled by entries from another district, to a maximum of a total of 30 (JH) or 36 (HS) contestants per event (not including ties).
  • These positions are to be filled equally from the remaining two districts who have eligible contestants. If only one position is open, one contestant from each district will be added, to keep it fair, province wide. If there are 2 positions open, one contestant from each of the remaining districts will be added to the roster. If only one district has any contestants eligible, they can fill the spots until there are 30 participants (these added contestants must have entered the provincial finals)
  • The contestants being added to the roster will carry in points from their district, from the 10th or 12th position down as contestants are needed.
  • Replacements to fill to the maximum number of contestants will be done within 36 hours of entries closing and the official list of provincial finals contestants will be posted.
  • The District Executive will have 24 hours to review the Provincial Finals program before it is sent to the final’s host committee. The Provincial finals programs will not be posted or sent to the committee until all it is approved by the District Executive and then it will be released to the finals committee for printing and posted on the website.

4.2. Team Event Entries at Provincials

  • Contestants are responsible for entering as a team. The top 10 Junior High and top 12 High School  are guaranteed a position at the finals. If you enter with anyone outside of the top 10, that does not guarantee you will rope with that partner. 
    • Ie. A 4th place header can enter with a 14th place heeler. When entries close, and if the top 10 positions are filled, the 4th place header will be placed with the next highest ranked person out of the top 15. Only if 11-13th places are filled would the 14th place heeler be allowed to rope.
  • Within the top 10 or 12, a contestant would be partnered (if they don’t have a partner) with the closest ranked person in the top 10 or 12 standing who also does not have a partner.
  • Two contestants outside of the top 10 or 12 can enter together, but they will not necessarily rope together – one may get rolled up and one may not. If the rolled up contestant does not want to be partnered with the qualifier they are paired with, the rolled up contestant has the option to turn out. 
  • Teams are determined by the end of season points added together and the top 10 or 12 high point teams will be the Provincial final’s contestants. (Season points will be added together, not ranked points)
  • An audit will be done to ensure the top ten (or twelve) headers and top ten (or twelve) heelers are included in the final’s contestant roster. Roll ups may occur across districts only if there is no one with points available within the contestant’s designated District past 10th or 12th spot. The points will be added together from each contestant in each District and used to rank the team in the member’s District (where there was not an eligible partner).
  • For the purpose of roll ups, a tie within a District is considered one position

4.3. Finals Points, Order of Go and Awards

  • The points used to place the contestants at the finals are now replaced by ranked points.
  • Contestant replacements to fill positions will be awarded points from the last position in their district, not from the district they are filling.
  • The ranked points will be the base for starting the Provincial finals.
  • Optional events – Reined Cow Horse and Cutting – Season points are only used for year-end District Awards and for ranking to determine order of Go at the Finals. They will not be counted towards the All Around awards for Provincials Awards. In Optional Events, only the points awarded at the finals will count towards Provincial All Around Points.
  • Team Events are determined by the end of season points added together and the top 10 or 12 high point teams will be the provincial finals contestants (season points will be added together, not ranked points). The team with the highest season points when added together will be the high point team.

4.3.1. Point system

80 Points for Season leaders down by 5’s: 

  • High School: First – 80, Second – 75, Third – 70, Fourth – 65, Fifth – 60, Sixth – 55, Seventh – 50, Eighth – 45, Ninth – 40, Tenth – 35,  Eleventh — 30,  Twelfth — 25
  • Junior High: First – 80, Second – 75, Third – 70, Fourth – 65, Fifth – 60, Sixth – 55, Seventh – 50, Eighth – 45, Ninth – 40, Tenth – 35

The finals will have 3 go rounds. Each round will award 30 points down by 3’s: 

  • First – 30, Second – 27, Third – 24, Fourth – 21, Fifth – 18, Sixth – 15, Seventh – 12, Eighth – 9, Ninth – 6, Tenth – 3

Average points are awarded on times/scores added together over the three rounds. 40 points down by 4’s: 

  • First – 40, Second – 36, Third – 32, Fourth – 28, Fifth – 24, Sixth – 20, Seventh – 16, Eighth – 12, Ninth – 8, Tenth – 4

All Provincial Champions are declared on total points as follows: 

  • Points coming in + Points earned at finals + Average points earned = Total Points
  • All provincial awards will be awarded on points earned. Alberta does not add in Bonus points.

4.3.2. Finals Awards

The following Provincial Champion awards shall be presented at the conclusion of the finals: 

  • 1st – 4th place per event 
  • High Point Girl
  • High Point Boy
  • Rookie Girl
  • Rookie Boy

The following Finals Awards shall be presented at the conclusion of the finals:

  • Go Round Champions
  • Average Awards for the Finals Rodeo only (note: This is determined by the Host Committee’s Finals Bid)

4.3.3 Provincial Finals Order of Go

This following order of go applies to all events except for cutting and cow horse. Cutting and cow horse are drawn each day in the pen by the judges:

  • First go – Lowest point earners coming into the finals will go first 
  • Second go – Reverse order of first go – highest point earners coming into the finals will go first
  • Third go – Total cumulative points (points carried in plus points earned at the finals) will be used to determine order or go. The contestant with the lowest points to date will go first – the contestant with the highest points to date will go last. 
    • The exception is the Barrel Racing and Pole Bending, which are a random draw for the third go.
  • Contestants are not allowed set ups (splits) for the Provincial Finals.
  • Once points have been allocated to each of the top 10 or 12 contestants in each district, they will be placed from lowest point earner to highest for the first go round. Second go round is reverse order. Districts will be randomly selected for order in each event, Eg. 1,2,3   2,3,1   3,1,2  repeat
  • All contestants with 35 points will be placed 1st to compete, then all contestants with 40 points etc. If a district does not have enough kids to fill the bottom spots then no kid from that district will be placed in the order until their corresponding points.

EXAMPLE: Random district order for this event is 3,2,1. Points per districts are as follows:

District 1











District 2







District 3


77.5 tie

77.5 tie



Order of go for the first performance would be as follows:

  1. D1-35
  2. D1-40
  3. D1-45
  4. D1-50
  5. D2-55
  6. D1-55
  7. D2-60
  8. D1-60
  9. D3-65
  10. D2-65
  11. D1-65
  12. D3-70
  13. D2-70
  14. D1-70
  15. D2-75
  16. D1-75
  17. D3-77.5
  18. D3-77.5
  19. D3-80
  20. D2-80
  21. D1-80

4.4. Finals Turn Out Policy

  • From the time entries close to 5 days prior to the finals starting there will be no fines to turn out of the finals, but ALL event entry fees, insurance and additional fees, including shirts, stalls etc., will be payable by the contestant.
  • The contestant must notify the Turnout Secretary within this time frame if they are a turn out.
  • If there are any turn outs, the Turnout Secretary will notify the Provincial Secretary of the changes and tentative changes will be made if notified prior to 5 days before Finals.
  • If a contestant is to be rolled up to the Finals roster, it will be a contestant from the same district as the turn out. The roll up contestant MUST have entered the finals.
  • Roll ups will be contacted as soon as possible. They will be responsible for all fees incurred.
  • Any roll ups coming in will go to the bottom of the district for points and the turned-out contestant points will remain and all cards marked as turn out.
  • If there are any no-shows at check-in at finals, the position will not be filled by anyone.
  • Any turned out contestant loses eligibility to compete at Nationals (NHSFR / NJHFR) and  Canadian Finals in the current year.
  • All fines must be paid, or the contestant will be put on blacklists until they are paid.

4.4.1. Turn outs for Provincial Finals AFTER THE 5 DAY POLICY:

  • If a contestant notifies the Turnout Secretary after the 5-day window closes with a turn out they will be responsible for the entry fees plus a $60 turn out fine with the exception of a Medical or Vet release (must have written note).
  • If it is a documented Vet or Medical, the contestant will pay the entry fee plus insurance and additional fees including shirts, stalls etc. 48 hours before the mandatory contestant check in all closes, there will be no changes to the finals contestant roster and all opportunities are closed.

4.5 Mandatory Meeting at Provincial Finals

  • Roll call will be taken at the mandatory meeting held at the provincial finals. If a contestant is not in attendance at this meeting, they shall be fined $50.00 which is payable to the contestant’s district secretary. This must be paid before the contestant is allowed to compete.
  • If a conflict arises with a contestant being unable to attend the provincial finals mandatory meeting due to another provincial sporting event they have qualified in, they may be excused as long as prior notice has been given.

4.6 Provincial Finals Tiebreaker Policy

The following procedures will be used in the order listed to determine the contestant who is to receive the award:

  • Between the two or more tied contestants for first place, ties will be broken by a ride off or run off.
  • For ties beyond first place, the same procedure to be followed, with the winner receiving the higher placing award and next award to the other contestant.

If the tie is for Provincial High Point Award, the awards will be duplicated by the Provincial Board.

4.7. Provincial Champion Banners

  • The ASHRA will supply one banner to the following provincial champions each year:
    • Provincial Event Champions
    • High Point Boy
    • High Point Girl
    • Rookie Boy
    • Rookie Girl 
  • One banner per contestant will be paid for by the AHSRA and if the contestant earns multiple event championships for that year, each event will be listed on the same banner.
  • The AHSRA will order all the Provincial Champion banners after the Provincial Finals and they will be shipped out to the champions.
  • The AHSRA requests that banners be hung in a public place, such as a school gym or local arena. This is the student’s responsibility.
  • Season Leader banners or Canadian Qualifier banners are not provided by the AHSRA. 

4.8. National Finals Qualifiers

  • The Provincial teams attending Nationals are to be determined as per the NHSRA Rulebook.
  • Team Roping: If one end of the team can’t go to Nationals (same rule to be applied to Canadians) the next in line in the top 8 provincial finalists (on the end needed) must be offered to fill the position based on finishing order. If no one in the top 8 wants the position, the person looking for a partner to make a team for Nationals or Canadians may ask anyone who competed in that event at Provincial Finals.

5.1. Rodeo Sanction and Approval Process

  • It is the job of the Sanction Secretary to find and secure host committees within their district interested in hosting sanctioned AHSRA Event(s).
  • The Sanction Secretary will contact previous host committees to see if they are interested in hosting an AHSRA event(s) or to contact prospective host committees should they have openings they would like to fill with events.
  • The sanction form and supporting documents can be found on the AHSRA website. The package contains additional information to help the committee produce a rodeo, through to the completion of the rodeo and the necessary follow up – reports, judge’s cards, payments, etc.
  • If the sanction form is not filled in completely, or approval on the sanction may be delayed or refused.
  • Sanction fees must be paid at the time the sanction form is submitted. Rodeos may not be approved without a sanction fee.
    • Forms must be sent to the sanction secretary
    • Fees must be sent to the provincial secretary
  • FEE SCHEDULE: A sanction fee of $200 for EACH performance and division is payable to AHSRA.
    • Ie. If the committee is hosting 2 JR Division perfs and 2 High School perfs on the same weekend, the fee would be $800.00. A $100.00 sanction fee shall be payable for optional stand alone events. (RCH and Cutting). 
  • It is the committee’s choice if they host a combined event for both divisions or stand alone for either High School or Junior Division. It is also their decision as to how many performances they host for each division.
  • The Committee Sanction form must be submitted to the Sanction Secretary sixty (60) days prior to the date of the rodeo.
  • Should a committee not meet the 60-day rule, there is a possibility the rodeo may not be approved.
  • The host committee agrees to conduct the AHSRA sanctioned event in accordance with current rules in the NHSRA Rulebook and any Alberta specific rules.
  • If the rodeo is cancelled the host committee will forfeit their sanction fees.
  • Proof of facility or property insurance must be emailed to the Sanction Secretary at least two (2) weeks prior to entries. The Sanction Secretary will retain the Certificate of Insurance with a copy of the sanction form for records.
  • The Sanction Secretary, together with the District Executive must review the sanction form to ensure there are no conflicting rodeo dates within that district.
  • Before approving the rodeo, the executive must be satisfied that the rodeo personnel, contractors, stock and any official or extra activities listed on the sanction form are suitable for the requirements needed for a successful event. 
  • Minimum requirements for rough stock events are two (2) Pickup Men and two (2) Bullfighters.
  • If there are concerns with anything on the form, it is the job of the Sanction Secretary to contact the host committee for clarification or suggested changes to make the event a success.
  • The District Executive may not approve the sanction if they feel it is not in the best interest of the membership of their district or division membership.
  • If the District Executive approves the information on the sanction form, they MUST sign the sanction form. The form and fees are forwarded to the Sanction Secretary, then to the Provincial secretary for approval by the National Director and the NHSRA.
  • Host committees must receive Provincial Board approval to utilize the AHSRA logo, letters A.H.S.R.A. on any awards provided. It is the job of the District Executive to inform host committees of this rule.
  • The host committee determines how they will award prizes or payout. 
    • Ie. by performance or over the average of the number of performances.
    • If the committee is awarding payouts on the average it is their responsibility to calculate the average placings.
  • District Secretaries are responsible for posting all information for an approved rodeo on the respective pages on the website. (front page of their district/division and the events page) e.g. start time, directions, special activities, stalls etc.
  • No committee can charge a contestant admission fee to a sanctioned rodeo
  • The Sanction Secretary will set the rodeo up for the online entry system.
  • It is very important that the following instructions are given by the district executive to the host committees to share with their committee’s regarding timing the rodeo events. As per the NHSRA Rulebook:
    • Ensure to record all hand-flagged events only to the tenth (one decimal place). This applies to Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Ribbon Roping. 
    • Pole Bending and Barrel Racing must be timed with the electric eye and recorded to thousandths. A back up watch time must be taken as well in case of a timer fail.
  • The contestants MUST hand in a Rodeo Entry Form when paying fees. They cannot compete until the Rodeo Secretary or office personnel have received the completed Rodeo Entry Form and the fees. 
  • There is no trading out or moving contestants around in the program for any reason. Splits are allowed in events as long as the first 2 contestants go in order. Contestants are not allowed to move more than 2 holes. Judges and the rodeo office must be notified of all splits. 
  • AHSRA sanctioned events are set up so that each performance is a separate rodeo.
  • The District Education coordinator will pick up the Rodeo Entry forms after entries close.
  • It is very important for the District Executive to remind the host committee that all 3 judge’s sheets for each event be faxed or emailed to the Points Secretary. The original judges/timers’ sheets must also be sent by mail to the Points Secretary. These are the official documents the AHSRA uses to audit the rodeos and points posted.

5.2. Clinics / Coaching 

Each district (Junior High and High School) will be allocated $2,000 per year to put on clinics for members (Total $12,000 per year for the province).

  • Any funds not used within the year cannot be carried forward to the next year. 
  • AHSRA will be required to cover the insurance for all clinics. Organizing committees must provide the provincial secretary with all clinic details including date, location, facilitators, etc. 
  • Clinic proposals must be presented to the district executive for approval. 

5.3. Safety & Animal Welfare

Safety & Animal welfare rules apply to all sanctioned AHSRA events.

  • Refer to the NHSRA Rule Book for the Animal Welfare Policy
  • Contestants are not allowed to run horse(s) down the arena or lope circles prior to their run in the rodeo arena. Any contestant who does so will be disqualified from the event and asked to leave the arena.  
  • Contestants are not permitted to double on horses and doing so will result in further discipline by the district executive.
  • Contestants are not allowed to ride a horse at any AHSRA sanctioned event on the grounds bareback in a halter. A full bridle/hackamore is required. Any contestant not adhering to the rule will be subject to further discipline by the district executive.

5.4 Additional AHSRA Event Rules

5.4.1. Specific Event Rules

  • NEW – Breakaway Roping (High School only): The following ground rule will be effective at the start of the 2023-2024 season: “The only qualified catch will be a bell collar catch. If there is/are any leg(s) or tail head in the loop once it breaks free of the saddle, the result will be a no time.”
  • Team Roping: AHSRA allows for only 2 loops in the Team Roping events at qualifying rodeos and provincial finals.
  • Steer Wrestling: When steer wrestling, a contestant cannot touch the steer after being thrown after the flag has been dropped unless to aid the animal in regaining its feet. If the contestant should touch the steer for any other reason than to aid the animal to regain its feet, it will result in a no time.
  • Tie Down Roping and Ribbon Roping: As per the NHSRA Rulebook –  a five (5) second penalty will be assessed for a jerk down.
  • Ribbon Roping, Chute Dogging and Tie Down Roping: The Executive/Stock contractors/Event directors can choose to use the 1 min optional time limit. This is directly related to the stock involved in each event and if it is in the best interests of the stock and contestants to adjust the time limits. The time limit change must be addressed prior to the rodeo and shared with each contestant. If there is a change in the time limit at a specific rodeo, this information must be communicated to the Points Secretary.

5.4.2. Rerun Policy for All Timed Events

  • The matter of a rerun shall be totally at the discretion of the Judges whose decision shall be final.
  • Reruns should be granted in the timed events by the Judge to provide a fair and safe opportunity to contest with the benefit of the doubt going to the contestant.
  • A rerun may be awarded in the following situations:
    • Livestock turning back sharply during a run.
    • Livestock stopping provided the livestock has not been caused to do so by the contestant or a hazer (if applicable).
    • Livestock ducking under, in front of or colliding with a horse.
    • The contestant receives a Bad Gate.
    • Livestock stumbles, affecting the contestant’s ability to make a clean run or causing the barrier to be broken.
    • Livestock hanging up in the chute.
    • Livestock fails to break the neck rope in a clean manner.

5.4.3. Optional Rules – AHSRA Opt Out

  • The AHSRA does not support the optional draw partner rule in all team events. Contestants must enter team events with a partner, one will not be drawn. 

5.5 Safety Policy (Emergency Medical Services Requirements)

Each Sanctioned rodeo and finals must have the following as a minimum:

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance is mandatory where a rodeo is held without hospitals, with the option to call in another Ambulance for transport if needed, but the following are the minimum standards accepted:
    • Minimum of one (1) Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) on site
    • To be considered adequate, safety personnel must have: AED (Automated External Defibrillator), First Aid supplies (including those to treat airway emergencies), Backboard and Neck Stabilizer.
    • Mobile Treatment Unit with a Minimum of one Emergency Medical Responder is acceptable at rodeos where a Basic Life Support Ambulance is located in the town.
  • Committees must include on their Sanction Form: 
    • The company and/or firms supplying the Ambulance Service
    • the nearest hospital to the rodeo site, including location and contact info
    • the nearest Emergency Responder with contact info
  • Committees must have a reliable landline or cell phone signal
  • The Rodeo Officials will not start or continue a performance or without EMS on site and/or ambulance present.
  • In the event that EMS/safety personnel are busy with a contestant, or should have someone in the ambulance, the rodeo must be stopped until such time the emergency service personnel are available and their full attention can be given back to the events at hand.
  • It will be the responsibility of the adult District Executive in attendance to enforce the safety protocols laid out and to communicate this to the committee.

5.5.1. Veterinarian & Care of Injured Livestock

  • A veterinarian, must either be in attendance or at minimum, ON CALL for each performance with the proper equipment should it become necessary to euthanize an animal. Ideally a veterinarian is in attendance.
  • A suitable conveyance, such as a stone boat, must be available to remove crippled stock from the arena and tarps to cover or surround an injured animal.
  • All injured and/or crippled livestock must be attended by a qualified veterinarian, be isolated from other livestock and/or removed from the premises.

5.6. Grounds, Facility & Order of Events

If at any AHSRA event a contestant (or families associated with contestants) should not comply with:

  • Parking or stalling directions from the host committee,
  • Committee requests to clean up their site/stalls upon leaving
  • Causes any damages to the venue or facility

The AHSRA will be made aware of these infractions or situations and the  contestant not complying  with the committee directions or requests will be fined  $50.00 payable  to  the committee plus any damages that have to be repaired.

5.6.1. Ground Conditions

Rodeo Personnel/committees/ cannot just cancel one event due to ground conditions. The entire rodeo must be cancelled. A contestant always has the option to turn out of the rodeo if they have safety concerns. It is the responsibility of the committee to supply the safest ground conditions possible for all the events.

5.6.2. Weather

The Arena Director & District Executive will decide whether to continue the rodeo due to inclement weather or arena conditions. Postponements will be decided by the District Executive board members at the specific rodeo together with the committee.

5.6.3. Order of Events

  • Splits are allowed in events as long as the first 2 go in order. A contestant cannot be moved more than 2 holes. 
    • The judges and the rodeo office must be notified of the change. 
  • The only time the event order can be manipulated is due to safety or animal welfare concerns. (with the exception of notified splits).
  • Changes must be recommended by the Host Committee and Arena Director, and receive final approval from the National Director.
  • The entire process must be documented, with a copy kept at the district level and forwarded to the Provincial Secretary. (email is sufficient)

6.1. District Season Leader Awards

Each District is responsible for making their own decisions regarding season leader awards. Each district/division is responsible for the funding for all season leader awards given at the district level.

  • Districts/divisions may do fundraisers within the district/division or seek sponsorship in their District or Division.
  • Absolutely no ticket sales or raffles of any kind are permitted.
  • No Calcutta or selling of contestants is permitted.
  • Districts that host major fundraisers that may be in conflict with the protocols listed will require approval by the Chair of the Board.
  • Season Leader sponsors are not to be confused with Provincial sponsors and it is the responsibility of the District to ensure sponsors are aware of their sponsorship level – District not Provincial.
  • When securing funding, the request must be made under the District/division name. E.g. District 1 High School Rodeo Season Leader Awards Program. Please leave out the word “Alberta” to avoid confusion with provincial sponsorship.
  • District season leader sponsors will not be listed as AHSRA Provincial Sponsors.
  • Permission is required for Season Leader Awards to use the AHSRA logo. All Season Leader Awards must indicate their District.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the NHSRA (letters) or the NHSRA boot logo or the Junior Division logo on any Season Leader Awards.
  • District Secretaries will be responsible for any postings of sponsors on their respective web pages only.
  • Each District must set up their own sponsorship/prize committee to raise funds.
  • The suggested breakdown is $500 per event:
    • 1st $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $100, 4th $50
      • 10 or more contestants in an event: 1st to 4th places awarded
      • 4-10 contestants in an event: 1st and 2nd places awarded
      • Less than 4 contestants in an event: 1st place awarded
    • Rookie boy and girl – $200 each
    • High Point boy and girl – $250 each

6.2. AHSRA Scholarships 

6.2.1. Grade 5 Incentive Scholarship

Each Junior District may award two (2) $250.00 Grade 5 incentive scholarships: one boy and one girl per district. The AHSRA will cover the cost of these awards through gaming funds.

This scholarship is awarded to one Grade 5 girl and boy in each Junior Division who meet the following criteria: 

  • Absolute willingness to be the best competitor they can in and out of the arena and demonstrates potential in their events, even though they are not there yet.
  • Ability to take direction and follow the rules in and out of the arena.
  • Show respect to the adults around them.
  • Haven’t acquired many points throughout the season, but with some schooling will grow as a competitor.
  • All-around good member. Constantly displays try and good sportsmanship.
  • Contestant is helpful and pleasant; Contestant never gives up.

Scholarship certificates can be redeemed through the AHSRA office. Email a copy of a receipt for proof of clinic participation. Scholarships must be claimed within 18 months of being awarded. 

Each District Secretaries must submit the list of their Grade 5 scholarship recipients to the AHSRA provincial secretary for tracking and reimbursement.

6.2.2. Provincial Raffle Ticket Scholarship

Members may only apply for the Raffle Ticket Scholarship  in their grade 12 year. Each applicant must be a member in good standing in their Grade 12 year.

  • Members shall complete the Scholarship Application Form with required documents and deliver or postmark the application no later than April 1 of their Grade 12 year.
  • Scholarship Application Forms are available on the AHSRA website.
  • The Provincial Raffle Ticket Coordinator will receive and review all applications.
  • Members eligible for scholarship funds from the AHSRA Scholarship Raffle shall receive monies at the rate of $275 for every year they were a member in good standing with AHSRA. This amount is subject to change with approval from the AHSRA Executive Board as required from time to time.
  • A deduction of 25% per error will be made on scholarship applications. Errors may include missing back numbers, missing documents, incomplete addresses.
  • Scholarship applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of one additional scholarship award in addition to their AHSRA Scholarship Raffle monies. These additional awards may include, CPRA Award, Merit Awards, Top Hand Award, and Presidents Award.
  • A contestant must enter and compete at 50% of the rodeos within their designated District in their Grade 12 year to qualify for Merit and additional AB Scholarships. A database tracking system will be used to check applicant’s eligibility.
  • Certificates for Scholarship monies will be given to the District Secretaries for distribution.
  • Scholarship monies may be claimed within two (2) years of graduation by providing proof of tuition payment or other education receipts to the Provincial Secretary. If those monies are not claimed with the required timelines the money will remain with AHSRA Scholarship fund.

6.2.3 CFR Raffle Ticket Sales & Casino Volunteer Scholarships

  • Any member who volunteers to assist the Provincial Raffle Manager with ticket sales at the CFR will be credited $60 per shift to their scholarship account.
  • Any member 18 or over or their parent(s) who volunteers to work a shift at any fundraising AHSRA casinos will be credited $100 per shift into their child’s scholarship account. 
  • Members may commit to working as many shifts as they want .
  • The funds will be allotted to that student with the other AHSRA scholarships the student has been awarded and tracked until claimed or expired.
  • Ticket sales at the CFR are outside the scope of the mandatory book of tickets each member must sell. Members must not sell tickets from their own books at this time.
  • The raffle or casino manager will organize the shifts available.

6.2.4. Alberta Merit Scholarships

  • Applicants must have been pre-awarded by Alberta for the scholarship to be redeemed.
  • Alberta is allotted a specific number of NHSRA Merit Scholarships to award each year based on the provincial membership. 
  • The AHSRA scholarship program determines the winners of the NHSRA Merit Scholarships and they are announced at the year end to graduating members. 
  • Members must claim this scholarship through the provincial office. 

6.3. NHSRA Scholarships

For more information about National Scholarships visit the National High School Rodeo Foundation Website or the NHSRA Website.

Division of Duties

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to review operations and activities of AHSRA. The Provincial Secretary, with oversight by the Board of directors, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association funds, ensuring the accuracy of the accounting records, internal controls, financial objectives and policies, financial statement preparation, and bank reconciliation review and approval.

Board Chair

  • Cheque signing authority is the National Director and Board Chair
  • Maintains and oversees bank and investment accounts
  • Ensures proper accounting practices are followed for the day-to-day financial operations
  • Reviews and approves monthly financial reports
  • Reviews payroll summary
  • Reviews all invoices requiring his or her signature
  • Leases and other contractual agreements are negotiated and signed by the Board Chair and National Director
  • With the Provincial Secretary and National Director develops required annual budgets for approval by the board
  • Reviews all bank reconciliations
  • Formulate Financial Policies with the board
  • Review Quarterly Financial Reports and review and approves required annual budgets to be taken to the Board for approval
  • Assists with the research and development of leases and contracts
  • Reviews and approves quarterly financial reports for the Board of Directors

Provincial Secretary

  • Receives and opens all incoming mail
  • Ensures late penalties are not incurred on Accounts Payable
  • Deposits prepared according to policy
  • Monthly costs remain within budget (when budget exceeds must have Board approval)
  • Works with the Board Chair and the National Director to develop required annual budgets

1. National Director

All duties and responsibilities of the National Director are outlined in the NHSRA Rulebook. Specific responsibilities include: 

  • The National Director is a National Official and is the national representative at the provincial level.
  • The National Director is the Alberta representative on the Canadian High School Rodeo Association (CHSRA) Board of Directors and will be a member of the Provincial Finals Committee.
  • Promote the association and the sport of rodeo so it may flourish and be enjoyed by all.
  • The initial term of the National Director shall be for 2 years and succeeding terms shall be for 5 years.
  • The National Director must be approved by the National Office.
  • Legitimate expenses are to be covered by the association.
  • Further clarification regarding terms as per NHSRA rulebook.

Responsibilities and Requirements of National Director:

  • Must be committed to high school rodeo, have a working knowledge of high school rodeo and knowledgeable of the national rulebook
  • Must embrace and support and uphold the mission statement of the NHSRA.
  • Be responsible for monitoring the Provincial Association to ensure all governing rules of the Association are followed with respect to Alberta Bylaws, Alberta rules and NHSRA bylaws, and rulebook and code of ethics.
  • Must enjoy working with the membership and adults involved in the association.
  • Must work in close contact with the Provincial Secretary, Board Chair and Raffle Manager for all aspects of the association including day to day operations to include fundraising, sponsorship and promotional projects and guide the provincial board in regard to proper business and finance procedures to ensure they are conducted properly.
  • Must have access to email and computer for communication purposes.
  • The National Director has a vote on the Provincial Board.
  • Act as a signing authority on all Association Accounts at the Provincial Level, along with the Chairman of the board and 3 other board members. All Banking Authorizations shall be  set  up for any TWO of the three to sign.
  • Be responsible to promote equal opportunity for open consultation processes for the board and the membership.
  • All incidents occurring at the District level should be addressed by the District Board and if resolution is not found, the National Director should be prepared to investigate further to work toward resolution. Should the incident be of the nature to go before the Provincial Board for a hearing, the proper process and protocol will be established with an appeal process in place as per the NHSRA Rulebook
  • The National Director must constantly conduct themselves in a professional manner while acting in the capacity of the position and must be in western attire.
  • Set an example for high school rodeo in dress code, conduct and attitude both in and out of the arena and constantly be promoting a positive, competitive atmosphere, and be an advocate of animal welfare.

The National Director must: 

  • Attend all Provincial Board Meetings.
  • Attend the Junior and High School Provincial Finals within the province.
  • Attend the mid-winter national meetings to represent Alberta.
  • Attend and work at the National High School Finals and National summer board meeting.
  • (Optional) Attend and work at the Junior High National Finals. A delegate may be named by the National Director to attend in his/her place.
  • Be willing to attend District events or functions as required.


  • Approved and reasonable expenses incurred by this position are to be paid by the AHSRA and an expense report must be emailed to the Provincial Secretary to forward to the board on a monthly basis for approval of expenditures. 
  • A budget must be presented to the board prior to travel.

2. Board Chair

This is a 3-year position. 

  • Must have a working knowledge of high school rodeo
  • Must be knowledgeable of the NHSRA rulebook.
  • Must embrace and support and uphold the mission statement of the NHSRA.
  • Set an example for high school rodeo in dress code, conduct and attitude both in and out of the arena.
  • Must attend all provincial board meetings and chair each meeting.
  • Must be able to attend the provincial finals
  • Conduct the mandatory meeting at the provincial finals.
  • Assist the association in funding raising and sponsorship
  • Assist the association with promotional projects
  • Work in partnership with the raffle manager for fund raising efforts.
  • Be responsible for monitoring the Provincial Association to ensure all governing rules of the Association are followed.
  • Act as a signing authority on all Association Accounts at the Provincial Level, along with the National Director and 3 other board members. All Banking Authorizations shall be set up for any TWO of the three to sign.
  • Approved expenses incurred by this position are to be paid by high school rodeo.
  • Chair all provincial meetings with proper process and protocol.
  • Constantly conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Work constantly on promoting a positive, competitive atmosphere within the association.
  • Promote the event and the sport of rodeo so it may flourish and be enjoyed by all.

3. Provincial Secretary

This is a 3-year contract position. 

  • Manage the Membership data – HS and JH for the AHSRA. Ensure that all members are properly entered and tracked on the NHSRA Data base. Review all membership documents and submit to the NHSRA  ensuring all memberships are completed properly. 
  • Manage number distribution to members and District Secretaries. Train All District Secretaries on the NHSRA MMS System.
  • Work with the NHSRA and the ARTS program to ensure the memberships, numbers, payments, etc. are all processed properly.
  • Work Directly with Data manager on memberships, rodeos and points
  • Formally Sanction all Rodeos and provide Activity Reports to the NHSRA
  • Be available via email/phone to answer questions of the membership. When possible direct to the District Executive. Respond to the membership inquires in a timely manner
  • Maintain and update Social Media and Website for AHSRA as required.
  • Work together with Raffle Coordinator on membership lists for ticket distribution. Provide ongoing and updated lists throughout the year.
  • Develop the budget with the Board Chair and submit to the Board for approval. Ensure all items being purchase or paid for are on the Board approved budget
  • Work with the bookkeeper to provide the Board an updated financial record of the association. Code all transactions in the Scholarship, Gaming and General Accounts
  • Process all mail received by the AHSRA 
  • Responsible for depositing all cheques/etransfers received by the AHSRA. 
  • Manage the RBC Express Payment System and Director approvals of all payments
  • Responsible for the Association Casino – licensing, volunteers, financials.
  • File Annual Gaming reports to the Alberta Gaming Commission and ensure the association is managing gaming funds appropriately
  • Manage Scholarship distribution. Work together with Scholarship Coordinator on Scholarships.
  • Maintain and update the current insurance policy for general contractor’s insurance and provincial board liability insurance.  Manage sanctioned rodeo’s insurance dates with provider.
  • Provincial Finals – work together with Finals committees regarding: National Sponsorship awards, general Finals layout, cowboy prom grad lists, insurance. Provide general knowledge and support.
  • Work jointly with Data Secretary to develop Provincial Final’s Contestant lists.
  • Be available to attend the Junior and High School finals to fulfil the requirements of the Provincial Secretary 
  • Provide all documentation to the NHSRA for both Provincial Finals including but not limited to stalling, housing, jackpots, animal safety reports, Awards distribution, run counts and qualifier jackets within 5 days of completion of Finals. Responsible for tracking all Finals payments from contestants and payment to the NHSRA. 
  • Canadians – responsible for all contestant entries and payments. This may vary depending on the Province hosting.
  • Coordinate all Board Meetings – whether in person or Zoom. Record and distribute the meeting minutes to the board and the membership upon approval
  • Prepare with Chair the agendas and required documents. Distribute to the board members
  • Provide  info to the District Secretaries to distribute to the membership
  • Train Education Coordinators on the NHSRA MMS for Report Card management
  • Provide all required information to the National Board. Provincial Secretary is the primary point of communication with the NHSRA on administrative issues. Ensure that dialogue of policies/issues be directed to the National Director or Board Chair
  • Monitor and share all relevant information from the NHSRA office. Provide information and links on the website to the various NHSRA programs, scholarships, etc.
  • Responsible for providing changes in provincial mandates or by-laws to NHSRA committee and the Provincial Government for approval
  • Maintain the Policies and Procedures Manual.  Ensure all policies voted on by the board are updated in the manual. 
  • Be available to the Board when assistance is required
  • To represent and act in the best interest of the association as a whole

4. Data Secretary (Entries, Results and Points, Turnouts, Sanctions)

This is a 3-year contract position.

4.1. Entries

  • The data secretary is required to have access to a phone and internet.
  • The ARTS program is the entry system used by AHSRA. Training is provided.
  • Position requires the use of a computer, which is provided by the AHSRA.
  • Rodeo season is mid  Aug – end of May. Two weeks before each rodeo the members can PHONE the entry line to make a new entry, verify an existing entry or make changes to their entry. Junior and senior members from all districts phone the same day.
  • The phone line is open 18:00hr- 22:00hr.
  • Prior to entry day you need to familiarize yourself with the Sanction Form for the rodeos. This will contain information such as committee contacts, location, start times, stalling, order for rough stock, because some members phone just for information.
  • Check emails for updates which need to be done for membership and rodeos.
  • Must retrieve on line entries prior to call in entries opening.
  • During the call process you answer calls promptly, politely and provide the member  with all the information they need to complete the call.
  • Be precise, informative and accurate. Keep a record of each call. It is very important to be helpful and impart good information to each member who uses the entry line. 
  • When entries have closed, recalculate the final numbers. Check for duplicates. Make any needed corrections. Send the entry numbers for each event and each rodeo to the committee.
  • Committees are responsible to send the program order of events as soon as possible. The AHSRA does not do any stock draws, this is the responsibility of the Host Committee.
  • Once this info has been received Entry Clerk will proceed with building the rodeo documents: Program, judge sheets, receipts.
  • When complete the documents are sent on to the committee and each rodeo is condensed and sent to the rest of the team. This process must be completed by the Friday after call in entries close.
  • Time commitment varies. 

4.2. Results and Points

  • Take AHSRA computer to get “cleaned up” prior to fall rodeos starting
  • Receive downloads from ARTS Program Creator and Provincial Secretary throughout the year. These can include program updates, membership updates for Junior and High school competitors, and rodeo updates
  • Once entries are completed for a rodeo, receive downloads from Entry Secretary
  • Contact committees prior to rodeo to let them know who to send results to via email on the Sunday evening or Monday morning after the rodeo. The original paperwork then is to be mailed back to the data secretary (via express post or priority post) for record keeping and auditing as needed.
  • Sunday night and/or Monday morning print off judges and timer sheets (approximately 50 pages/performance) if emailed. Dual  screens can be used to enter the results. 
  • Once received all the judges and timer sheets, compare all sheets against each other. If there are any discrepancies, contact the Event Director of the event that the discrepancy is in to confirm the correct call. It can take several different phone calls to confirm.
  • Enter results, which takes approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours per performance after all sheets are compared and correct, depending on how big the rodeo is and if there were any discrepancies to sort out
  • May need to edit entries if there were any partner changes at the rodeo due to a turn out or medical out.
  • Once all the info is entered in the ARTS Program, zip it up and send it to the Provincial Secretary. Results Secretary uploads to the website
  • Check website once results are uploaded to see if all info looks like it uploaded correctly
  • Travel to both Junior (3 days) and High School (4 days) Provincial Finals to record results for Provincial Champions and National Qualifiers
  • Accommodations are paid for if needed at Finals (Juniors & High School)
  • Mileage is paid for as per AHSRA policy for travel
  • Computer and printer are provided by AHSRA
  • Printer ink and paper is paid for by AHSRA Home phone bill is paid for by AHSRA for rodeo months (September/October & May/June)

4.3. Turnouts (Including Medical and Vet Releases)

  • All turnouts are sent to ahsraturnout@gmail.com
  • Turnout secretary will respond to each TO with information regarding fees and/or fines due, how they can be paid and to who they are to be paid to
  • All turnouts are emailed to each committee 48 hours prior to the rodeo starting so stock contractors can adjust how much stock to bring if need be. All turnouts after the 48 hour time frame still needs to be sent to the committees ASAP
  • Once the rodeo is over, the TO secretary follows up with the rodeo committees to see who still owes money and if there were any unnotified TO, medicals or vet outs
  • TO secretary keeps track of who is on the medical list and who needs to provide doctor’s notes to return to competition.
  • Vet notes must be provided to the TO secretary prior to the rodeo or by the following Wednesday at 5pm or else it is considered a regular turnout
  • TO secretary must provide a list of kids that still owe money to the next weekend’s rodeo committee so they can collect and send back to the previous committee.


4.4. Sanctions

  • It is the sanction secretaries responsibility to secure regular season rodeos for all districts
  • For fall rodeos, the process begins in May and for spring rodeos it begins in December
  • When a sanction is sent in, the SS (sanction secretary) sends it out to the appropriate district executive for approval via docusign. Fall rodeos get sent to the current executive as next year’s executive may not be voted in yet.
  • Once the sanction has been approved by the district executive, the SS sends it to the Provincial Secretary to send to Nationals for approval
  • Send all approved sanctions to the district executive so they have all the rodeo info and the district secretaries can update the website
  • Email all the rodeo committees to inform them that their rodeo has been approved and who to send their sanction fees to and how much they owe
  • Continuously updating the shared spreadsheet between SS and Provincial secretary in regards to rodeo approvals
  • SS makes the rodeos in the computer program being used
  • SS puts the rodeo dates, on-line entry date & call in entry date on the google calendar on the website
  • SS ensures all sanction fees are paid to AHSRA
  • SS MUST confirm that each committee has appropriate medical personnel booked for their rodeo
  • SS must get a copy of and retain proof of arena property insurance for each rodeo

5. Raffle & Scholarship Coordinator

This is a 3-year contract position. 

5.1. Raffle duties

  • Confirm by motion of the Board a date for the next year’s Finals (both JH and HS)
  • Send in required paperwork to AGLC for the raffle license. Once the raffle has been approved, order the required tickets for the raffle. 
  • Work with the vendors to purchase the truck and trailer for the raffle.
  • Distribute the ticket packages to the Districts Raffle Coordinators.
  • Determine a date tickets are to be returned.
  • Ensure all tickets are handed in and work within policy to determine the eligibility of students if they are not.
  • Maintain all the bank records and transactions for the raffle.
  • Submit year end reports to the Board.
  • Oversee the raffle at the Finals.
  • Send in results to AGLC.

5.2. Scholarship duties

  • Receiving applications, blanking out personal details and awarding recipient
  • Record all earnings the students have for their scholarships
  • Provide a scholarship certificate for each member awarded a scholarship and distribute to the recipients as per the method decided upon between the Scholarship Coordinator and District Secretaries
  • Provide Provincial Secretary with a complete spreadsheet documenting what amount each scholarship recipient receives – noting all scholarships the AHSRA is responsible to distribute.

6. Queen Coordinator


7. Bookkeeper

  • Maintain and reconciles the General Ledger on a monthly basis (as invoices are received)
  • Reconciles the bank accounts
  • Reconciles credit card statements
  • Ensures late penalties are not incurred on Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable entries are keyed to the correct general ledger accounts
  • Monthly costs remain within budget (when budget exceeded must be reported to the board and must have board approval)
  • Prepares all Financial Reports

1.  District Secretary

This is a two-year elected position.

  • Must have be computer literacy skills in excel, word, and email
  • Maintain and update district website pages with important information for the members in the district or division.
  • Working knowledge of High School rodeo
  • Weekend and after business hours work is necessary
  • Good rapport with contestants
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Be able to follow timelines and deadlines.
  • Must work closely with the District President and Vice President to ensure all governing rules of the association are followed within the district
  • Ensure proper business and financial procedures set out by the provincial board are enforced at the district level
  • Stay in close contact with the Provincial Secretary to ensure matters of mutual concern are addressed
  • Responsible for booking district rodeos (making sure the sanction form is complete with fees and forwarded in sufficient time to the Provincial Secretary to obtain National approval)
  • Remain in contact with host committees to ensure all contacts names and numbers are available to the Entry Clerk and Provincial Secretary
  • Work closely with the host committees to ensure all the governing rules and regulations are followed at each rodeo
  • Recording minutes of all District meetings and forwarding a copy to the Provincial Secretary for record purposes
  • Be available to attend ALL provincial board meetings scheduled throughout the year.
  • Keep records at district level of all event directors (adult and student) as well as all district committees.
  • The District Secretary provides on- going assistance to the Host Committee as required to ensure the rodeos are conducted in accordance with current guidelines and rules set out in the NHSRA Rulebook.
  • Be prepared to investigate incidents while at a rodeo in conjunction with another Event Director. As soon as possible, contact the National Director or the Board Chairman as to the findings.
  • Write a brief, concise report that is signed and dated by the directors and/or executive that were present.
  • Never depend on secondhand gossip.
  • Directors must examine the situation firsthand. Should the incident be of the nature to go before the Provincial board for a hearing, the proper process and protocol will be established with an appeal process in place as per the NHSRA rulebook.
  • By doing a thorough, competent job of investigating, you are ensuring that the rights of all the contestants are being upheld, not just the accused.

2. District President

This is a two-year elected position – as per AHSRA bylaws.

  • Ensure the governing rules and regulations of the Association are always being properly followed within their respective district.
  • Work in close contact with the District Student and Adult Executive.
  • Co-chair district meetings with the Student President.
  • Act as an ex-officio member of all committees within their district, except the Nominating Committee.
  • Represent his/her respective district on the Provincial Board
  • Work closely with the Provincial Executive members to ensure proper business and financial procedures are conducted within the Association for the betterment of the Association as a whole.
  • Must be available to attend ALL Provincial Board Meetings as may be scheduled from time to time throughout the year.
  • Must be committed to High School rodeo
  • Have the ability to follow the rulebook
  • Be able to offer advice and support to the contestants
  • Be knowledgeable on issues of safety, animal health and welfare and protocol.
  • Must support every contestant in the opportunity to compete to his or her fullest potential within the rules. 
  • Be responsible to promote equal opportunity for an open consultation process between Adult and Student District Executive.
  • Must embrace and support and uphold the mission statement of the NHSRA.
  • Must enforce the no set ups or trade outs in high school rodeo with the only exception being graduation exercise.
  • Always set an example for high school rodeo in dress code, conduct and attitude both in and out of the arena.
  • Be prepared to investigate incidents while at a rodeo in conjunction with another District Board member or Event Director. Write a brief, concise report that is signed and dated by the Directors and/or Executive that were present.  Never depend on secondhand gossip. Should the incident be of the nature to go before the Alberta board for a hearing, the proper process and protocol will have been established with an appeal process in place as the rule book states. By doing a thorough, competent job of investigating, you are ensuring the rights of all the contestants are being upheld, not just the accused.
  • Constantly conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Never use your position to cheat or attempt to cheat. Full disciplinary hearings per the rulebook will be conducted in the event of an infraction.
  • Work constantly on promoting a positive, competitive atmosphere, both in and out of the arena.
  • Promote the event and the sport of rodeo so it may flourish and be enjoyed by all.

3. District Vice President

This is 2-year elected position as per bylaws

  • Work closely with the District President and District Secretary, Student and Adult Directors to ensure all governing rules and regulations of the Association are properly followed within their respective district.
  • Represent his/her respective district on the Provincial Board
  • Must be available to attend ALL Provincial Board Meetings as may be scheduled from time to time throughout the year.
  • Must be committed to High School rodeo
  • Have the ability to follow the rulebook
  • Be knowledgeable on issues of safety, animal health and welfare and protocol.
  • Must support every contestant in the opportunity to compete to his or her fullest potential within the rule and be able to offer advice and support to contestants
  • Be responsible to promote equal opportunity for an open consultation process between Adult and Student District Executive.
  • Must embrace and support and uphold the mission statement of the NHSRA.
  • Must enforce the no set ups or trade outs in high school rodeo with the only exception being graduation exercise.
  • Always set an example for high school rodeo in dress code, conduct and attitude both in and out of the arena.
  • Be prepared to investigate incidents while at a rodeo in conjunction with another district board member or event director. Write a brief, concise report that is signed and dated by the Directors and/or Executive that were present. Never depend on secondhand gossip. Should the incident be of the nature to go before the Provincial Board for a hearing, the proper process and protocol will be established with an appeal process in place as the rule book states. By doing a thorough, competent job of investigating, you are ensuring the rights of all the contestants are being upheld, not just the accused.
  • Constantly conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Work constantly on promoting a positive, competitive atmosphere, both in and out of the arena.
  • Promote the event and the sport of rodeo so it may flourish and be enjoyed by all.
  • Be responsible for the transportation and or storage of all District equipment, to ensure items do not get left behind or lost at the District Rodeos. Provide an inventory listing of equipment to the Provincial Secretary outlining all equipment held, including flags, banners, barrel covers, poles, timed event items, rough stock items, rakes, collars and any other items held on hand.
  • Included in this listing should be the condition of such items and if there is a need to replace any such items.
  • In the absence of the President from District Meetings, the Vice President shall be responsible for chairing the meeting

4. District Education Coordinator

Each district JR and HS will have their own education coordinator and should be chosen prior to the first rodeo or at the first rodeo.

  • At the end of each rodeo (or when office closes) pick up all rodeo forms (parent forms the members hand in as well as principal forms at the beginning of the year and first rodeo in the Spring)
  • Review the forms and check for legitimacy of signatures (not all just spot check)
  • In March when report cards are uploaded to the NHSRA profiles, review each of them and ensure that the member is on track. Members must be passing 70% of their classes.
  • You will use the district secretary login information to access MMS. Instructions will be provided to you by the provincial secretary.


Resolving issues:

  • If there is a fraudulent form, then you would take it to the district executive, and they would handle the members.
  • If the child is not meeting the requirement of the report card, work with the member and their parents to get them on track. Sometimes kids work with their principal to plan for improvement. We just need something on file from the principal that they are comfortable with the effort and agreement they have come to for correcting the school marks.


Consequences for late report cards: 

  • Ineligible for scholarship for that year
  • Ineligible to enter rodeo until report card is on file 


Records are to be kept for the current rodeo season only, and then can be destroyed.

5. District Raffle Ticket Coordinator

Each Junior High and High School district will have a raffle ticket coordinator and should be chosen prior to the first rodeo or at the first rodeo. In this role, you will work closely with the Raffle / Scholarship Coordinator. Duties include:

  • Distribution and collection of raffle books to all members within your district
  • Receive payments and deposit into raffle account
  • Report missing books or late ticket returns
  • Be available to members to resolve issues with raffle tickets

6. Event Directors

6.1. General Event Director Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of Event Directors is to ensure that rodeos are conducted in accordance with the NHSRA Rulebook to the best interest of the contestants. Event Directors are responsible for carrying out the duties stated herein:

  • Management of their respective events before and during the rodeo.
  • Carrying out NHSRA rules and responsibilities as stated in the rulebook.
  • Stock Contractors and Host Committee will abide by the Event Director’s decisions.
  • It shall be the Event Directors’ responsibility to see that contestant competes on the stock drawn for them. In the event of a mistake, stock drawn for must be run during that performance and only that time or score taken.
  • All judges may meet with Event Directors before the rodeo and discuss their respective events and judging procedure.
  • Event Directors may declare particular animals unsatisfactory. Upon notification, either written or verbal, the stock contractor shall eliminate such animal from competition draw.
  • Competitors are to go to the Event Directors if there is an issue in their event. The Event Director will determine if it needs to be taken to the judges for further review.
  • Assist judges in the event – however an Event Director is NOT a judge.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts for your event ($500 per event per year to be used towards year end awards).


Specific event responsibilities are as follows:

6.2. Breakaway Roping Director

  • Supply the breakaway string for all contestants.
  • Together along with the Student Director, ensure the rope is properly tied to the saddle horn on every contestant.

6.3. Ribbon Roping Director

  • Supply the ribbon and elastics for the calves and the material for the line

6.4. Goat Tying Director

  • Ensure that there are collars, pegs and shank at each rodeo
  • Measure out the Goat Tying starting line and running distance
  • Work with the committee to supply goat handlers and ensure there is (one) goat holder per performance
  • Ensure the goats are in the correct drawn for positions

6.5. Barrel Racing Director

  • Assist and oversee with the measuring of the barrel pattern
  • Record Barrel Racing Pattern and submit to the judges
  • Determine with the judge/committee what the plain of the gate is to the arena and inform contestants
  • Work with committee to determine raking/ground requirements
  • Manage the contestant helpers in the arena

6.6. Pole Bending Director

  • Assist and oversee with the measuring of the pole pattern
  • Record Pole Bending Pattern and submit to the judges
  • Determine with the judge/committee what the plain of the gate is to the arena and inform contestants
  • Work with committee to determine raking/ground requirements
  • Manage the contestant helpers in the arena

6.7. Rough Stock Director (Bareback, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding)

  • Ensure contestants are prepared and ready when they are up
  • Help load stock into chutes
  • Work with committees to ensure proper personnel in place – pick up men, bull fighters
  • Assist with picking up flank straps in the arena
  • When required work with Stock Contractor to ensure appropriate ‘level’ of stock is available for contestants

6.8. Shooting Director

  • Ensure official targets of the NHSRA are available for competition.  
  • Coordinate judges for shooting events. 
  • Ensure there is a Certified Range Officer on site as per NHSRA rules to ensure guns are within NHSRA parameters. 
  • Ensure that all shooters purchase a $25 membership from the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (for individual insurance). 
  • Be willing to work with all districts to offer more shooting events throughout the year, including trap shooting. 
  • Following competition, collect targets, assess scores and total score cards. 
  • Ensure score cards are received by the finals office for entry into the system to determine placings.
  • Ensure materials are available including: Weed whipper cord, Trigger pull tester, Ear plugs, Extra Eye protection, Extra ammo.
  • Share information with participants from ATF for travel to US. 
  • Share information from Nationals.
  • Refer to NHSRA Shooting Guide for information. 


AHSRA bylaws

View or download the AHSRA Bylaws document.

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Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’re interested in sponsoring our provincial Junior High or High School finals. 


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Questions? Contact Sheri Laye at 403-333-5421
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Graduates - Don't forget to claim your ASHRA scholarship money!
Scholarship payouts take place only 3 times per year. The first payout will be on October 15th - but you need to submit your documents before then to be included in this payout. Send an email to ahsraoffice@gmail.com with the following information:
- Proof of payment to post secondary school
- Scholarship certificate (if you have it)
- The address where you want the cheque sent
Questions? Contact the provincial office at 780-305-9640 or ahsraoffice@gmail.com.
Reminder to members - please ensure you turnout correctly in order to avoid fines. 
Email ahsraturnout@gmail.com

See details on the website at https://albertahsrodeo.com/rodeo-entries/
Or read Section 3.11 of the Policy Manual:  https://albertahsrodeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/AHSRA-Policy-Procedures-Manual-08-04-2023.pdf
Entries for the fall season are opening soon and the AHSRA is using a new entry system called EQuest Event. This system is built and supported by the same people who created the NHSRA Membership system. 

Before you can enter rodeos, you will need to: 1. Create your EQuest Event account and 2. Link it to your NHSRA profile (You will need your NHSRA username and password so you can link it to your EQuest account.)

See this website article for full details including support videos and step-by-step instructions. https://albertahsrodeo.com/our-entry-system-has-changed/

This information has been shared directly to all members via text message and email as well.