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The AHSRA offers Shooting at some regular season rodeos as well as our Provincial Finals. This shooting competition offers the top 4 qualifiers from the Junior High and High School Divisions, spots on the National Team. This event is an optional event and doesn’t count for the Alberta High School Rodeo High Point, but allows those with an interest in shooting to be a part of the AHSRA. There are multiple opportunities to qualify for prizes and scholarships through your participation in this event. 



All shooters must purchase a student membership from the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR). 

All shooters will also need the following equipment to enter the shooting competition: 

  • Safety glasses and ear protection  
  • .22 caliber rimfire rifle. .22 short, .22 caliber long or long rifle with iron sights or scope up to 10 power.  If you have a scope over 10 power you will be required to adjust it to a setting of 10 or lower.
  • Target ammunition. A minimum of 50 rounds will be needed. No hollow point ammunition is allowed.
  • Shooting mat. If you do not have one a yoga mat will be sufficient. 



The competition will consist of shooting from 3 positions. Prone, kneeling and standing. One target for each position.  

The A-23/5 target has one “sighter” and 4 bullseye. You will be allowed to shoot 5 rounds from the  prone position into the sighter prior to the competition starting. 

Once the competition starts you will shoot 3 rounds into each of the 4 bullseye for a total of 12 shots per position. So a total of 41 rounds will be required for one competition. 

other information

At the NHSRA Finals, there is also an added component of Trap shooting or Skeet shooting. These options are not yet available in the AHSRA but we are working towards including them. 

These are the basics of what is needed, more detailed information will follow. Please refer to the following documents for specifics regarding shooting: 

The following links will help you with preparation for attending the NHSRA Finals as a Shooting Contestant. 


If you have any questions please reach out to your shooting director.  


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Get your AHSRA apparel from Coyote Designs, the official supplier of AHSRA apparel. Members are welcome to place orders directly with Sheri – download and print the order form here.

Questions? Contact Sheri Laye at 403-333-5421
Email Orders to sheri@coyote-designs.net
Graduates - Don't forget to claim your ASHRA scholarship money!
Scholarship payouts take place only 3 times per year. The first payout will be on October 15th - but you need to submit your documents before then to be included in this payout. Send an email to ahsraoffice@gmail.com with the following information:
- Proof of payment to post secondary school
- Scholarship certificate (if you have it)
- The address where you want the cheque sent
Questions? Contact the provincial office at 780-305-9640 or ahsraoffice@gmail.com.
Reminder to members - please ensure you turnout correctly in order to avoid fines. 
Email ahsraturnout@gmail.com

See details on the website at https://albertahsrodeo.com/rodeo-entries/
Or read Section 3.11 of the Policy Manual:  https://albertahsrodeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/AHSRA-Policy-Procedures-Manual-08-04-2023.pdf
Entries for the fall season are opening soon and the AHSRA is using a new entry system called EQuest Event. This system is built and supported by the same people who created the NHSRA Membership system. 

Before you can enter rodeos, you will need to: 1. Create your EQuest Event account and 2. Link it to your NHSRA profile (You will need your NHSRA username and password so you can link it to your EQuest account.)

See this website article for full details including support videos and step-by-step instructions. https://albertahsrodeo.com/our-entry-system-has-changed/

This information has been shared directly to all members via text message and email as well.