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This year the AHSRA will award over $100,000 in scholarships to our graduating members.
In addition to this, our members are eligible for scholarships from the NHSRA as well as external organizations. 


The following scholarships are available by applying for your AHSRA scholarship. 

Raffle Scholarship

  • Every year, each member is required to sell one book of raffle tickets for the Truck and Trailer Raffle. The member will in turn receive a $275 credit which may be claimed in their graduation year. 

Members may also earn extra scholarship money through:

  • Selling extra raffle books ($60 per 2 books) – members may ask for extra raffle books at any time
  • Working at AHSRA Casinos ($100 per shift) – members over 18 or a family member working on their behalf
  • Selling raffle tickets at the CFR booth ($60 per shift)

AHSRA Merit Awards 

  • Several $1,000 Merit Awards are given out each year. Selected by the AHSRA Board.

CPRA Scholarship 

  • $400 awarded to one boy and one girl. Selected by the CPRA.

Canadian High School Finals Scholarships

  • Awarded to Canadian Finals Champions each year ($250 per event, $500 for AA) . 
  • These are paid out by the AHSRA office in the member’s graduation year. 

NHSRA Scholarships 

We also award the following scholarships on behalf of the NHSRA: 

  • NHSRA Merit Awards ($1,000 USD)*
  • Teskey’s Top Hand Award ($250 USD)*
  • NHSRA President’s Award ($300 USD)* 

Note – these 3 awards listed here are not claimed through the AHSRA office. Recipients will be provided details on how to claim these scholarships. 


We encourage our graduating members to apply for these scholarships. 

Trey Purdie Memorial Scholarship

Trey was an amazing competitor and friend to many in the AHSRA.  We are proud to offer a $1000.00 scholarship in his memory in conjunction with the foundation.  Info on this scholarship may be found under Forms or you can click here for a package. Trey Purdie Memorial Scholarship

The Foundation also offers a $1000.00 scholarship in Trey’s name to a Gr 12 student graduating from Chinook’s Edge School Division or resides in Red Deer County and lives on a working farm or ranch. To date they have awarded over $11,000.00 in scholarships in Trey’s memory.

For additional information: Click Here

JP Veitch & Family Scholarship – New for 2023

The JP Veitch & Family Scholarship is being offered through the Canadian Rodeo Historical Association, to promote learning about the cornerstone of today’s rodeo – our predecessors and their amazing stories. 

Two (2) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year, starting in 2023 and running until at least 2032.  

Applicants must be residents of Alberta, graduating from High School in the year the scholarship is awarded, and be entering one of the following programs:

  • An Apprenticeship program

  • A Trades program

  • A post-secondary institution, college, or university program

Download the JP Veitch / CRHA Scholarship Application

The successful candidates will receive their award at the CRHA Hall of Fame Induction Banquet on May 13, 2023. If you are not able to attend, someone must be there to accept on your behalf.

La Due Ladies Lunch



Members who are in their Grade 12 year are strongly encouraged to apply for their AHSRA scholarship by completing the AHSRA Scholarship Application Form. By completing this form you are automatically eligible for the Raffle Scholarship, AHSRA Merit Awards, NHSRA Merit Awards, Canadian Finals Scholarships earned, Presidents Award, Teskey Top Hand Award. 

It’s not difficult but it does take a little bit of time, so don’t wait until the last minute. The deadline is April 1st and applications must be sent by mail to Terrie Barkshire, Box 118, Delburne, AB T0M 0V0.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Print the Scholarship Application Form. Complete pages 3 and 4 as well as the additional Required Documents as listed below. 
  2. Attach a list of the AHSRA event(s) or events in which you have competed or been involved in, awards you have won, including event director or AHSRA board positions or host committees. Also include memberships, school clubs, & civic or volunteer activities participated in while in high school rodeo.
  3. Attach a copy of your school marks including all the marks from grade 10, 11 & 12 Fall Semester, signed and dated by your principal.
  4. Attach three (3) letters of reference from:
    (All letters must be dated, signed, and in letter form)
    – A High School Teacher
    – Director or Board Member of the AHSRA (Past or present)
    – Community Member
  5. Attach a 600 to 1000 word double spaced typed essay which includes the following:
    – Using the mission statement of the NHSRA and how you feel you have fulfilled the mission to the association and yourself.
    – What you have gained through belonging to AHSRA and what have you enjoyed during years as a member and tell us what your future career plans are and why?

Remember – The deadline to submit your application is April 1st

Questions about AHSRA scholarships may be directed to the Provincial Scholarship Administrator:

Terrie Barkshire Box 118, Delburne, AB T0M 0V0
barkshire@platinum.ca      403-358-0161


Once you are enrolled in a post secondary program, send an email to ahsraoffice@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Proof of payment to post secondary institution or program
  • Scholarship certificate (if you have it) indicating the amount you are claiming
  • The address where you would like the cheque mailed to

We will accept emails with proof of payments all year, but please note that scholarship payouts will take place on only three times throughout the year:  

  • October 15th 
  • January 15th
  • April 15th
All scholarships must be claimed within two (2) years of being awarded. 


Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Hadley Aebly – $825
Justin Andres – $1,100
Kami Babuik – $825
Desi Bergen – $1,925
Kate Bews – $1,925
Cole Blades – $1,650
Teagan Brink – $1,100
Kirsten Bruder – $550
Shae Burlock – $1,925
Kate Csabay – $1,650
Kailee Dame – $825
Jessie Debolt – $1,650
Chance Freemark – $1,925
Beau Gardener – $1,375
Tia Glazier – $1,925
Jessy Hallhan – $1,375
Katelyn Hirsche – $1,100
Tylynn Howson – $1,375
Brooklynne Hymanyk – $825
Codi James – $1,650
Mattie Jensen – $1,100
Brenden Kasinec – $1,100
Hailey Keith – $550
Mercedes Kennedy – $825
Denver Leitch – $1,650
Madison Levangie – $1,925
Pyper Lillico – $1,925
Keston Loewen – $550
Emma Longson – $1,850
Grace Macza – $1,925
Liv Malone – $1,925
Hannah Martz – $1,925
Hanna McGladdery – $550
Hayley McGovern – $2,125
Tynell McInenly – $2,025
Holly Mulligan – $1,925
Lucy Nunn – $1,375
Harlee Peck – $1,650
Tegan Poitras – $1,650
Keldon Powell – $1,100
Elsie Rawlings – $1,650
Charlee Resch – $1,925
Denim Ross – $2,025
Mary Saliba – $825
Owen Schauer – $1,925
Shayanna Scheller – $1,925
Brynn Scoville – $825
Payton Scoville – $1,100
Trinity Sewell – $275
Hannah Sheehan – $1,925
Chase Siemens – $1,925
Coy Skocodopole – $1,925
Lexi Strandquist – $1,650
Kasen Swanson – $275
Clare Taylor – $1,925
Tawnie Thompson – $1,925
Waci Thomson – $1,925
Brianne Vig – $1,375
Hannah Wagstaff – $825
Olivia Walker – $1,925
Haylee Weatherly – $1,100
Tayden Westendorf – $1,100
Sheridan Whitlow – $825
Natalie Wittmack – $1,650
Tamara Zaugg – $825

Kate Csabay
Hannah Martz
Holly Mulligan
Lucy Nunn
Tegan Poitras
Hannah Sheehan
Lexi Strandquist
Tawnie Thompson
Olivia Walker
Sheridan Whitlow

Beau Gardner
Grace Macza

Katie Bews
Cole Blades
Chance Freemark
Denver Leitch
Pyper Lillico
Tynell McInenly
Elsie Rawlings
Charlee Resch
Denim Ross
Owen Schauer

  • NHSRA Presidents Award – Charlee Resch ($300 USD)
  • Teskey’s Top Hand Award – Hailey Keith ($250 USD)
  • Trey Purdie Memorial Scholarship – Tegan Poitras

grade 5 incentive

Every year the AHSRA awards $250 to one Grade 5 boy and girl in each district. These funds can be used towards clinic fees or instruction. The recipients are chosen by the district executive and have two years to claim this award.  

Receipients have two years to claim this scholarship, by submitting a receipt of clinic / instruction fees to the provincial secretary Email ahsraoffice@gmail.com.  


  • Luxton Nicholson – D1
  • Levi Swales – D1
  • Kaislee Ziebarth – D2
  • Cruze Edge – D2
  • Clay Patterson – D3
  • Harlow Jeffrey – D3

Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’re interested in sponsoring our provincial Junior High or High School finals. 


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Get your AHSRA apparel from Coyote Designs, the official supplier of AHSRA apparel. Members are welcome to place orders directly with Sheri – download and print the order form here.

Questions? Contact Sheri Laye at 403-333-5421
Email Orders to sheri@coyote-designs.net
Graduates - Don't forget to claim your ASHRA scholarship money!
Scholarship payouts take place only 3 times per year. The first payout will be on October 15th - but you need to submit your documents before then to be included in this payout. Send an email to ahsraoffice@gmail.com with the following information:
- Proof of payment to post secondary school
- Scholarship certificate (if you have it)
- The address where you want the cheque sent
Questions? Contact the provincial office at 780-305-9640 or ahsraoffice@gmail.com.
Reminder to members - please ensure you turnout correctly in order to avoid fines. 
Email ahsraturnout@gmail.com

See details on the website at https://albertahsrodeo.com/rodeo-entries/
Or read Section 3.11 of the Policy Manual:  https://albertahsrodeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/AHSRA-Policy-Procedures-Manual-08-04-2023.pdf
Entries for the fall season are opening soon and the AHSRA is using a new entry system called EQuest Event. This system is built and supported by the same people who created the NHSRA Membership system. 

Before you can enter rodeos, you will need to: 1. Create your EQuest Event account and 2. Link it to your NHSRA profile (You will need your NHSRA username and password so you can link it to your EQuest account.)

See this website article for full details including support videos and step-by-step instructions. https://albertahsrodeo.com/our-entry-system-has-changed/

This information has been shared directly to all members via text message and email as well.