Alberta HS Finals


The Alberta High School Finals will return to Stettler, Alberta from May 29 to June 2, 2024.  

Thank you to the Stettler and District Agricultural Society for hosting:
Contact: Alana Weaver
Phone 403-742-6288


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2024 hs finals info

Important Times 

  • AHSRA Annual General Meeting – Thursday, May 30th at Noon
  • Contestant Check in closes Friday, May 31st at 11:00 am 
  • Mandatory Meeting & Group Photo – Friday, May 31st at Noon 


Changes for 2024

  • The finals will begin on Wednesday, May 29th with the Light Rifle and Trap, as well as the first go round of Working Cow Horse and Cutting.
  • Grade 12 Cowboy Prom tickets will NOT be paid by AHSRA this year. You must order and pay for all tickets needed for your family.
  • All payments are by etransfer to
  • Light Rifle, Trap and Queen Contest entries must be done in EQuest.



  • The top 12 in each district will qualify for the finals. If a district does not fill all 12 spots, contestants from other districts will be rolled up to fill the spots (Max 36 total per event – 72 in team roping).
  • Team Roping – Top 12 headers and top 12 heelers qualify in each district. It is possible that you may not rope at the finals with your regular partner. 
  • Roll ups in each event will be closely monitored by the provincial office and will be communicated directly to members.
  • Light Rifle and Trap – open to all AHSRA members, even if you have not entered a shooting event during the regular season



  • Please note changes from previous years.
  • Online entries for the High School Finals will open in EQuest after regular season rodeos are complete and qualifiers are determined. 
  • Online entries will be open for two days ONLY – 
    • Entries Open – Monday, May 20th at 12:01 am
    • Entries Close – Tuesday, May 21st at 10:00 pm
    • Call ins – Tuesday, May 21st from 6:00 – 10:00 pm
  • DO NOT ENTER unless you are certain that you have qualified. The standings will be updated by May 19th at midnight. 
  • After call ins are complete, the provincial office will determine if there are any roll ups. Contestants who roll up will be contacted directly by the provincial office and will be allowed to enter at that time.


Entry Fees

  • Entry fees must be paid when you enter: $75 per event + $10 Finals Fee per contestant. 
  • All payments are by etransfer to 
    • Light Rifle – $75 entry fee. Enter online in EQuest, same as the other events.
    • Trap Shooting – $75 entry fee. Enter online in EQuest, same as the other events. 
    • Queen Contest – $75 entry fee. Enter online in EQuest, same as other events.  
  • DO NOT ENTER unless you have confirmed that you have qualified (Top 12 in each event, OR are a confirmed roll-up by the provincial office. The exception is shooting events and queen contest.)
  • If you enter for an event that you did not qualify in, you will be refunded after the Alberta High School Finals are completed. 


Shooting Events

  • Entries for Light Rifle and Trap are done in EQuest with the other events. Shooting contestants MUST have their CCFR Student Membership – this is purchased on your own and must be uploaded to your EQuest Event profile. 
  • After shooting is completed, and the placings are determined, please pick your targets from the rodeo office. 
Both Shooting competitions will be held on Wednesday, May 29th. 
The Light Rifle Shoot will be held at Diamond N Ranch starting at 10:00 am. (Located approx 4.5 miles south of Stettler on Hwy 56 – West side of Hwy – second driveway). 
  • Please arrive early to to Check In and complete your rifle inspection (Suggested arrival time is 8:45 am)
  • You will pick up your full contestant package and shirt here
  • Please hand in your signed Parent Release Form as well
The Trap Shoot will be held at the Stettler Gun Club starting at 2:00 pm. (Located approx 1.5 miles west of Stettler on 44 Ave, go past the Sports Park, then south on RR 202A) 
The Shooting Awards presentations will take place at the Stettler Gun Club immediately following the Trap Shoot. 
Reminder – Light Rifle Shooters are welcome to practice Tuesday Evening, May 28th at Diamond N Ranch starting at 7:00 pm.


Other Fees – Stalls / Shirts / Cowboy Prom

Contestants may purchase the following Add Ons when you enter in EQuest. This includes payment for Shirts, Stalls and Cowboy Prom tickets*

  • Contestant Shirts (Cinch) are $40 each. Indicate your shirt size on the form. One shirt per contestant.
  • Stalls Mandatory (No Self Penning Permitted)
    • Covered Stalls $100 per stall for the weekend (shavings provided) 
    • Uncovered Stalls $75 per stall for the weekend (shavings provided)
    • 1 Horse per event is guaranteed stalling, anything extra will be placed on a waitlist.
    • Steer Wrestlers and Cutters are allowed 2 stalls if needed. 
    • Stalls must be cleaned out before you leave.  
  • Cowboy Prom Tickets (*Grade 12 members only) will be allocated by May 17th – grads will be notified by email.
  • All payments are by etransfer to


Parking / Camping / Host Hotel

  • Parking will be as you arrive, we will not separate into districts. 
    • If you want to park with someone specific you would need to arrive together.
  • Camping at no charge. Only contestants and immediate family can park on site. 
  • 20 Power Sites available – $90 for the weekend. Book and pay in EQuest.  
  • Manure is to be piled at the end of the weekend.  
  • Camping for extended family members is available at Prairie Junction within walking distance. Contact 403-742-8855 to book.
  • Host Hotel – Ramada Stettler Phone 403-742-6555. Let them know that you are booking with the AHSRA Finals, there are some rooms blocked off.


District Duties

Each district is responsible for one performance:

  • Friday, June 1 – District 1
  • Saturday, June 2 – District 3
  • Sunday, June 3 – District 2 

On your assigned day, your district must:

  • Provide all adult event directors
  • Attend the Daily Production Meeting – 30 min before performance – this includes District Executive, All Adult Event Directors, Grand Entry Coordinator, Arena Director, Judges, Announcer, Stock Contractors, National Director, and Host Committee Reps.
  • Provide a Grand Entry Coordinator – responsible to find approx 15 contestants to pack flags and one contestant to recite the Cowboys Prayer. A grand entry sheet will be provided, please fill this out and bring it to the production meeting to give to the announcer. 
  • Provide the following in-arena volunteers: (Western attire is required)
    • 2 parent volunteers to open gates for the barrels, poles and goats
    • 6 volunteers to set barrels
    • 6 volunteers to set poles
    • 3 volunteers to help with the goat tying including one goat holder
  • Contestants are not required to do regular duties in barrels, poles and goats.  
  • Districts are not required to work the stripping chute and out gates, but please be available on your assigned day if the host committee needs additional help.


Sports Medicine

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team will be on site Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Your membership includes a $25 fee which allows us to have the CPRSMT at these events. All contestants are encouraged to use their services throughout the finals. Don’t be afraid to stop by and see them for massage, taping, assessment, etc. They are here to help you perform at your very best! 


Finals Policies & Procedures

We encourage all members and parents to read Section 4 of the AHSRA Policies and Procedures Manual. These are the procedures that will be followed for the Finals and you should be aware of them. 


Patch Policy

Members must adhere to the NHSRA Patch Policy It is up to the district executive to monitor and enforce this.


Cowboy Prom – Grade 12 Members only

Cowboy Prom for the Class of 2024 will be held on June 1st from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. It is an exciting event celebrating achievements and time spent with AHSRA. (Graduates do not have to have qualified for the finals to attend Cowboy Prom)  All Grade 12 members are invited to attend.  

  • Ticket Price: $35 each
  • Guaranteed Tickets: Each grad is guaranteed 4 tickets, including their own.
  • Additional Tickets: The number of extra tickets available for purchase will depend on the number of grads attending. Extra tickets can be requested on the form. 
  • Ticket Deadline: Deadline to request tickets is May 6.
  • Confirmation and Payment: Confirmation on the number of tickets and payment instructions will be sent via email by May 17. Cowboy Prom tickets must be purchased in EQuest on May 20 – 21, along with your entries and other add ons.    
  • Seating: Additional bleacher seating will be provided for walk-in guests prior to the 7:30pm ceremony portion of the program. Anyone who can’t get dinner tickets is welcome to attend at this time.
  • Contact Person: For any questions, please reach out to Carrie Resch at 780-305-1375. 

This information has been shared by email to all graduates. All grads have been asked to complete a google form. If you are a graduate and did not receive this email, please contact Carrie and let her know.

2024 finals PERSONNEL

Announcer – Randy Schmidt

Arena Director – TBD

Judges – Glen Nash, TJ Nash, Gary Havell, Marty Lillico

Timers – Tanya Meston, Heather Meson, Shelly Tubbs, Kim Havell

Timed Event Contractor – Rocky Ross

Goat Contractor – Christine Ross

Rough Stock Contractor — Mestons

Pick Up Men – Frank Gillard, Justin Meston, Jeff Resch

Bullfighters – TBD

Photographer Wildwood Imagery, Chantelle Bowman

2024 finals schedule

Important Notes:

  • Trap Shooting added this year – all Shooting events will be held on Wed, May 29th. 
  • Round 1 of the Cutting and Working Cow Horse will also be held on Wed, May 29th.
  • Light Rifle Shooters are welcome to practice Tuesday evening at Diamond N at 7:00PM
  • Time only’s will be ride in and pay $5 (one time only per contestant) – Entry personnel will be located at the mouth of the round pen
  • Practice Pen – For finalists in that event only | ride in and pay  
  • Jackpots – enter an hour before start time at the SAS Saloon located east of the grandstand.
  • Goat Jackpot $50 | Open to all HS Rodeo Members (even if you didn’t make finals) 1 long go and a short go
  • Tie Down Jackpot | Open to all HS Rodeo Members (even if you didn’t make finals) more info to come
  • Team Roping Jackpot | Open to Everyone – details coming soon
  • Breakaway Jackpot CFB Qualifier | Ladies Only – more info to come

Wednesday, May 29th

12:00PM – 10:00PM – Contestant Check In – Outdoor Grandstand Area
10:00AM – Light Rifle Shoot – Diamond N Ranch
2:00PM – Trap Shoot – Stettler Trap Club
3:00PM / Following Trap – Shooting Competition Awards Presentation – Stettler Trap Club
9:00AM – 4:00PM – Working Cow Horse/ Cutting Arena Open for Warm Up – Indoor Arena
5:00PM – Cutting 1st Go, Working Cow Horse 1st Go – Indoor Arena


Thursday, May 30th

9:00AM – 10:00 PM – Contestant Check In – Outdoor Grandstand Area
9:00 AM – Cutting 2nd Go, Working Cow Horse 2nd Go – Indoor Arena
10:00 AM – Tie Down Jackpot – Small Outdoor Arena

  • Open to all HS Rodeo Members (even if you didn’t make finals) more info to come

10:30 AM – Time Only Poles – Large Outdoor Arena

  • Ride in and pay $5 (one time only per contestant) – Entry personnel will be located at the mouth of the round pen

12:00PM – AHSRA AGM and Executive Meeting – Agriplex
2:00 PM – Goat Tying Jackpot – Small Outdoor Arena

  • $50 entryOpen to all HS Rodeo Members (even if you didn’t make finals) 1 long go and a short go

2:00 PM – Time Only Barrels – Large Outdoor Arena

  • Ride in and pay $5 (one time only per contestant) – Entry personnel will be located at the mouth of the round pen

3:00PM – Cutting 3rd Go, Working Cow Horse 3rd Go – Indoor Arena
6:00 PM / Following 3rd Go –  Cutting & WCH Awards Presentation – Indoor Arena
7:00 PM – Team Roping Jackpot – Large Outdoor Arena

  • Open to everyone, details coming soon


Friday, May 31st

8:00AM – 11:00AM – Contestant Check In – Outdoor Grandstand Area
8:00AM – 11:00AM – Team Roping Practice – Large Outdoor Arena
8:00AM – 11:00AM – Breakaway Practice – Small Outdoor Arena
11:00AM – Check in Closes – All Contestants must be checked in – Outdoor Grandstand Area
12:00PM – Mandatory Rodeo Contestant Meeting & Group Photo – Outdoor Arena/Grandstand
1:00PM – 1st Performance – Outdoor Arenas
5:00PM / Following Rodeo – Go Round Awards Presentation – Outdoor Arena
6:00PM – 7:00PM – District Awards – Agriplex
7:00PM / Following Awards –  Breakaway Jackpot – CFB Qualifier – Large Outdoor Arena

  • Ladies only – more info to come


Saturday, June 1st

8:00AM – 10:30 AM – Team Roping Practice – Large Outdoor Arena
8:00AM – 10:30 AM – Breakaway Practice – Small Outdoor Arena
11:00AM – 2nd Performance – Outdoor Arenas
3:00PM / Following Rodeo – Go Round Awards Presentation – Outdoor Arena
6:00PM – Cowboy Prom & Graduation Ceremony – Agriplex


Sunday, June 2nd

8:00AM – 11:00AM – Pancake Breakfast – by Donation – Pavilion Hall
8:00AM – 10:30 AM – Team Roping Practice – Large Outdoor Arena
8:00AM – 10:30 AM – Breakaway Practice – Small Outdoor Arena
11:00AM – 3rd Performance – Outdoor Arenas
12:00PM – 6:00PM – Nationals Sign Up – Pavilion Hall West Entrance
3:00PM / Following Rodeo –  Awards Presentation – Outdoor Arena

order of events

Large Arena

Barrel Racing


Team Roping


Saddle Bronc

Pole Bending

Bull Riding

Small Arena

Tie Down 

Goat Tying




Steer Wrestling


signups info

Nationals Signups

  • The 2024 National High School Finals will be held at the Sweetwater Events Complex in Rock Springs, Wyoming from July 14-20, 2024. 
  • See NHSFR details at
  • Please give this some thought and discuss it as a family before the finals. If you qualify for Nationals, you must make a decision on Sunday at the finals. There is a lot of information so please review everything in advance. All paperwork and fees are payable at the finals.
  • Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque or Etransfer for Nationals (Etransfer to
  • 2024 National Finals Rodeo – Pricing Sheet (prices in USD)
  • The Top 4 in each event qualify for Nationals, with roll ups to 8th place. 
  • Qualifiers can sign up on Sunday beginning at 1:00 pm in the Pavilion.
  • Both parent signatures are required and must be done in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. 
    • At least one Commissioner will be on site on Sunday at the finals. 
    • If one or both parents will not be present at the finals, and you intend to go to Nationals should you qualify, bring the completed form to the provincial finals. 
    • National High School Finals Entry Form & Members Release
    • Contestants will not be allowed to enter unless both signatures are on the form. 
  • NEW FOR 2024 – CONTESTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE GOLF CARTS, even if you bring your own. Only parents / guardians over the age of 21 are allowed to drive golf carts. If a contestant is caught driving a golf cart, they will be sent home.
  • Important important notes are on the Nationals Page.
    • Golf Cart Rentals
    • Stall Mats
    • Video Packages
    • Housing Information
    • RV Rentals and Homes


Nationals Jackets

  • Nationals Qualifier Jackets will also be available to purchase on Sunday at the finals. information will be posted here when available. 
  • If you qualify in the Top 4 but choose not to go to Nationals, you can still purchase a qualifier jacket. If you qualify in 5th to 8th spot, you must attend Nationals in order to purchase a jacket. Jackets will be ready to pick up at Nationals. 
  • Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque or Etransfer for Jackets (Etransfer to 


Canadians Signups

  • The 2024 Canadian High School Finals will be held at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba from July 31 – August 3, 2024. Details will be posted on the Canadians page when available.  
  • The Top 6 in each High School event will qualify for Canadians, with roll ups to 10th place. 
  • Canadian Finals entries must be paid online through EQuest – entries open June 2nd and will close on June 5th. The link will be shared here when it opens. 
  • If you are in the Top 6 in your event, please notify the Provincial Secretary at Signups if you are going to Canadians or not. This will allow us to notify others who can roll up. 
  • Your entry form and medical release can be filled out and handed in at the finals. One parent needs to be present to sign before the commissioner.  
  • You may also upload these forms online before entries close. If paperwork is missing, your entry will be deleted. 
  • Canadians entry fees and add ons (stalls, programs, insurance, programs, wrist bands, etc.) must be paid online by credit card in EQuest. (Subject to 5% transaction fee – 2% EQuest, 3% Stripe.) 
  • If you enter Canadians, but have not qualified, you will be refunded, minus the transaction fee. So please be sure to enter only the events you have qualified in. 
  • All roll ups will be confirmed by the Provincial Secretary. You will be contacted if you roll up. If you think you may roll up, you can complete the paperwork and submit it just in case. If confirmed, you will be notified to enter online. Rolled up entries that occur after may also upload the required paperwork in EQuest.   

2023 provincial champions

Congratulations to our 2023 High School Provincial Champions! 

Bareback – Spur Cottingham
Saddle Bronc – Clay Greenslade
Bull Riding – Beau Gardner
Barrel Racing – Kasha Borsy
Pole Bending – Braidy Meston
Breakaway – Aubrey Ross
Goat Tying – Faith Lundberg
Team Roping-Header – Caleb Fawcett
Team Roping-Heeler – Coy Skocdopole
Tie Down – Coy Skocdopole
Steer Wrestling – Owen Schauer
Reined Cow Horse – Tyree Swales
Girls Cutting – McKena Fleischhacker
Boys Cutting – Joel Evans
Queen Contest – Brooke Baehl
Girl High Point – Aubrey Ross
Boy High Point – Coy Skocdopole
Girl Rookie – Kenzie Reber
Boy Rookie – Clay Greenslade
Shooting – Keldon Powell
Spirit Award – Charlee Resch


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Junior High and High School contestants - if you're headed to the Alberta finals, please go in and update your biography. We will be providing this to our finals announcers. 
After the Provincial Finals, all Nationals Qualifiers have only two days to update their bio again before heading to Nationals. 
Login to your member profile at
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The Annual General Meeting of the Alberta High School Rodeo Association will be held on May 30th at 12:00 Noon at the Stettler & District Ag Society Pavillion, 4516 52 Street, Stettler, AB.

Members who are unable to attend the AGM in person will be able to join via Zoom – the Agenda and Zoom link will be shared out prior to the meeting and posted on the Executive Meetings page.

The Executive Meeting of the Board will follow the AGM.
Reminder to Grade 12 members - please fill out the Cowboy Prom form before tomorrow's deadline. The form will close Monday, May 6th at 10pm. Even if you aren't planning to attend, please send in the form to let our organizers know. The form was sent by email on April 18th to all Grade 12 members. If you cannot find the form, contact your district secretary.