Alberta Junior High Finals


The 2024 Alberta Junior High Finals Rodeo was held at the Rimbey Agrim Centre on May 24-26, 2024. 


Thank you to the Rimbey Ag Society and their wonderful committee for hosting this event once again. We look forward to returning to Rimbey for the Alberta Junior High Finals in 2025 and 2026:   


  • May 23-25, 2025
  • May 22-24, 2026


Committee Chair – Jeanine Edge –


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2024 champions

Congratulations to our 2024 Junior High School Provincial Champions! 

BAC-Bareback – Riley Baird
BAC-Saddle Bronc – Lachlan Stauffer
Bull Riding – Ryder Topolinski
Barrel Racing – Laci Pole
Pole Bending – Ellie Havens
Girls Breakaway – McKenna Williams
Boys Breakaway – Cruz Lillico
Girls Goats – Ellie Havens & Grace Havens
Boys Goats – Luke Hronek
Ribbon Roping-Roper – Tess Strid
Ribbon Roping-Runner – Jayden Payne
Team Roping-Header – Boone Wilkie
Team Roping-Heeler – Mier McNiven
Tie Down – Hayes Smith
Chute Dogging – Tanner Massier
Girl High Point – Ellie Havens
Boy High Point – Quinten Saunders
Girl Rookie – Tenley Matheson
Boy Rookie – Ryder Topolinski
Light Rifle – Dallan Crossland

2024 JH Finals Personnel

Announcer – Codi Wilson

Arena Director – Jesse Torkelson

Judges – Bob Wilson, Marty Lillico, Carl Siemens

Timers – Deb Northcott, Amber Berry

Stock Contractor – Rocky Ross

Goat Contractor – Christine Ross

Pick Up Men – Lane Inglis, Tryp Pugh

Bullfighters – Zack Siegel

Photographers – B Martin Photography and Hartt Photos

2024 contestant information

 Changes for 2024

UPDATE May 7, 2024 Changes in Red Below

  • Entry fees will NOT be payable by credit card through EQuest – Entry fees are to be paid by Cash or Cheque at the rodeo office when you arrive.

  • The AHSRA will be assessing a $5 Finals Fee per contestant to cover EQuest program costs. (Note – the AHSRA covered all program costs during the regular season.)    

  • Contestant Banquet tickets will NOT be paid by AHSRA this year. You must order and pay for all tickets needed for your family. Update – the host committee has secured a sponsor to pay for contestant banquet tickets. 

  • Entries will be open online for 2 days only – after the last regular season rodeo is complete. See details below under Entries

  • Canadian Finals entries will open after the High School Finals is completed, so you don’t need to make a decision until then. 



  • The top 10 in each district will qualify for the finals. If a district does not fill all ten spots, contestants from other districts will be rolled up to fill the spots. (Max 30 total per event – 60 in team events). 

  • Team Roping and Ribbon Roping – Top 10 headers/ropers and top 10 heelers/runners qualify. It is possible that you may not rope at the finals with your regular partner. 

  • Roll ups in each event will be closely monitored by the provincial office and will be communicated directly to members.

  • Light Rifle – open to all AHSRA members, not required to have entered a shooting event during the regular season



  • (Please note changes from previous years) 

  • Entries for the Junior High Finals will be done in EQuest Event and will open after regular season rodeos are complete and qualifiers are determined. 

  • Online entries will be open for two days ONLY – 

    • Entries Open – Monday, May 13th at 12:01 am

    • Entries Close – Tuesday, May 14th at 10:00 pm

    • Call ins – Tuesday, May 14th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

  • DO NOT ENTER unless you are certain that you have qualified. 

  • After call ins are complete, the provincial office will determine if there are any roll ups. Contestants who roll up will be contacted directly by the provincial office.


Entry Fees

  • Entry fees must be paid at the rodeo office when you arrive – Cash or Cheque:
    $75 per event + $5 per contestant Finals Fee

    • Light Rifle – $25 entry fee. Enter online in EQuest, the same as the other events

    • Light Rifle – open to all AHSRA members, not required to have entered a shooting event during the regular season. More details below.

  • DO NOT ENTER unless you have confirmed that you have qualified (Top 10 in each event, OR you are a confirmed roll-up by the provincial office.)


Other Fees (Shirts / Banquet Tickets / Parking / Stalls)

Additional fees will be collected by the host committee:

Contestant Form – Shirts, Stalls, Banquet – Opens May 13

  • This form will be open the same time as entries: 

    • Form Opens – Monday, May 13th at 12:01 am

    • Form Closes – Tuesday, May 14th at 10:00 pm

  • Please fill out a SEPARATE FORM for each contestant.

  • Please DO NOT fill out this form more than once for the same contestant. Please contact Jeanine Edge for any changes or additions at

  • Finalist Shirts$35 $30 each*  Please be prepared to enter your shirt size to order on the form.

  • Banquet tickets$27 $26 each*  Space is limited, each family will be limited to 4 banquet tickets total. Any additional banquet tickets for family members will be offered on May 16th, at 8:00 am. The link will be opened at that time and will close when they are sold out.  (*Prices reduced due to additional sponsorship received by host committee)

  • Parking Information – 

    • Self Penning is allowed in designated areas (see map). 

    • Rimbey Ag Society will have parking volunteers to help park everyone. Please be respectful to them! 

  • Self penning$25 per unit for the weekend

  • Day parking$10 per unit for the weekend

  • Stalls$75 for the weekend – includes shavings. There are 53 indoor stalls and 25 outdoor covered stalls available.

  • Stalls must be cleaned prior to departure or additional charges will be incurred. Please pile manure/hay before you leave. 


Light Rifle

  • Entries for Light Rifle are done on EQuest with the other events. Shooting contestants MUST have their CCFR Student Membership – $20 student membership is purchased on your own and must be uploaded to your EQuest Event profile. 

  • After shooting is completed, and the placings are determined, please pick up your targets from the rodeo office. 


District Duties 

Each district is responsible for one performance:

  • Friday, May 24 – District 1

  • Saturday, May 25 – District 3

  • Sunday, May 26 – District 2 

On your assigned day, your district must:

  • Attend the Daily Production Meeting – 1 hour before performance in the rodeo office – this includes District Executive, All Adult Event Directors, Grand Entry Coordinator, Arena Director, Judges, Announcer, Stock Contractors, National Director, and Host Committee Reps.

  • Provide a Grand Entry Coordinator who is responsible to find 15 contestants to pack flags and one contestant to recite the Cowboys Prayer. A grand entry sheet will be provided, please fill this out and bring it to the production meeting to give to the announcer.

  • Provide the following in-arena volunteers: (Western attire is required)

    • 2 parent volunteers to open gates for the barrels, poles and goats

    • Volunteers to set barrels (6 members who are in other events or 3 parents)

    • Volunteers to set poles (6 required – can be parents or members in other events)

    • Volunteers to help with the goat tying including one goat holder

  • Contestants are not required to do regular duties in barrels, poles and goats.  

  • Districts are not required to work the stripping chute and out gates for the timed events. 

  • Districts may need to provide gate help for the rough stock events. Please be available on your assigned day if the host committee needs additional help.



Districts are not required to bring equipment. The host committee is responsible to ensure the following items are on site and will contact districts directly as needed:  

  • Flags and banners

  • Barrel covers, poles

  • Chute dogging chute

  • Goat peg and rope  


Sports Medicine

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team will be on site Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Your membership includes a $25 fee which allows us to have the CPRSMT at these events. All contestants are encouraged to use their services throughout the finals. Don’t be afraid to stop by and see them for massage, taping, assessment, etc. They are here to help you perform at your very best! 


Finals Policies & Procedures

We encourage all members and parents to read Section 4 of the AHSRA Policies and Procedures Manual. These are the procedures that will be followed for the Finals and you should be aware of them.


Livestream and Patch Policy

These finals will be livestreamed on the Cowboy Channel App – details will be shared out when it is available. Because this event is on livestream, members must adhere to the NHSRA Patch Policy. It is up to the district executive to monitor and enforce this.


Other Information

  • Several food trucks will be onsite

  • Trade show in the lobby area


Host Hotels

  • Canalta Rimbey – 403-843-3808

  • Quality Inn & Suites – 403-843-2999

  • Please ask for the Rimbey Agrim discount rate


Nationals Signups

  • The 2024 National Junior High Finals will be held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa from June 23-29, 2024. See details at

  • Please give this some thought and discuss it as a family. If you qualify for Nationals, you must make a decision on Sunday at the finals. All paperwork and fees are payable that day.
  • Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque or Etransfer for Nationals (Etransfer to
  • 2024 National Finals Rodeo – Pricing Sheet (prices in USD)
  • The Top 4 in each event qualify for Nationals, with roll ups to 8th place.

  • Qualifiers can sign up on Sunday beginning at Noon upstairs in the Agrim Centre.

  • Both parent signatures are required and must be done in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths.

    • At least one Commissioner will be on site at the finals.

    • If one or both parents are not present at the finals, and you intend to go to Nationals if you qualify, you can get the forms signed with a commissioner ahead of time and bring it with you to the finals.

    • Contestants will not be allowed to enter unless both signatures are on the form. Download and print the Nationals entry forms here.

  • PLEASE NOTE – There is a new rule at Nationals this year – CONTESTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE GOLF CARTS. You are allowed to bring your own golf cart, but contestants are not allowed to drive them. Only parents / guardians over the age of 21 are allowed to drive golf carts. If a contestant is caught driving a golf cart, they will be disqualified and sent home. 

  • Golf carts must be booked directly with the rental company. Limited carts are available to so do this as soon as possible. 
  • If you wish to bring your own golf cart, you must apply for a permit. See details here
  • All NJHFR contestants are encouraged to review all the information on the NHSRA Website


National Qualifier Jackets

  • Nationals Qualifier Jackets will also be available to purchase.
  • If you qualify in the Top 4 but choose not to go to Nationals, you can still purchase a qualifier jacket. If you qualify in 5th to 8th spot, you must attend Nationals in order to purchase a jacket. Jackets will be ready to pick up at Nationals.
  • Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque or Etransfer for Jackets (Etransfer to


Canadians Signups

  • The 2024 Canadian High School Finals will be held at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba from July 31 – August 3, 2024. Details will be posted on the Canadians page as they are available. 
  • The Top 5 in each Junior High event qualify for Canadians, rolling to 10th. 

2023 champions

Congratulations to our 2023 Junior High School Provincial Champions! 

BAC-Bareback – Riley Baird
BAC-Saddle Bronc – William Hale
Bull Riding – Brodi Beasley
Barrel Racing – Laci Pole
Pole Bending – Sawyer Lacey
Girls Breakaway – Suttyn Volz
Boys Breakaway – Cruz Lillico
Girls Goats – Lauren Lundberg
Boys Goats – Luke Hronek
Ribbon Roping-Roper – Jonas Carr
Ribbon Roping-Runner – Lena Kronschabl
Team Roping-Header – Rance Coates
Team Roping-Heeler – Rowen Littau
Tie Down – Diezel Liptak
Chute Dogging – Knox Humphrey
Girl High Point – Kennedy Smith
Boy High Point – William Hale
Girl Rookie – Laci Pole
Boy Rookie – Quinten Saunders
Shooting – Whip Gertner


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Congratulations and GOOD LUCK To these 9 contestants who have made it into the short go at the NHSFR. 

The Cutting Short Go started at 2:00 with the Girls Cutting, followed by Boys Cutting. 
Catch the short go of the Rodeo at 7:00 pm. It's going to be exciting!!
The final performance of Go Round #2 starts at 9:00 am on Saturday. Here's who we'll be cheering on. 

Timed Event Arena:
Brynn Freemark - Barrels
Aubrey Ross - Breakaway
Josh Plumer & Cash Yule - Team Roping

Rough Stock Arena: 
Cody Jones - Bareback
Kasha Borsy - Goats
Holden Atkinson - Saddle Bronc
Hunter Ference - Bull Riding

Tyree Swales - Boys Cutting
Performance #11 starts at 7:00 pm on Friday. Here's who we'll be watching! 

Time Event Arena: 
Rena McNiven - Barrels
Blake Zieffle - Tie Down 

Rough Stock Arena: 
Quaide Skjonsberg - Bareback 
Layton Chamberlain - Goats
Sam Flaherty - Saddle Bronc
Sawyer Lacey - Poles

Clancy Squair - Boys Cutting
Cash Yule - Boys Cutting