upcoming deadlines: March 1st - Reports cards / April 1st - raffle tickets and Scholarship applications due

Membership Info

before you buy your membership...

Be sure you understand what is involved in being a member of high school rodeo. This is especially important for new members or anyone who is new to rodeo.


It is mandatory that each AHSRA member sells one book of raffle tickets (Total value $400). Raffle proceeds are extremely important to the continued operations of AHSRA – funds are used towards scholarship payouts to graduates, and to help put on our provincial finals. 

Each district has a volunteer ticket coordinator, who works with the Provincial Raffle Coordinator, Terrie Barkshire to distribute and track raffle tickets. 

Failure to hand in your raffle tickets by April 1st will result in disqualification from the Provincial Finals. 

See more details on our Raffle page.

ATTIRE & back numbers

Full Western attire is mandatory and must be worn one hour prior to rodeo time until one hour after the rodeo has ended

This includes a western hat, long sleeved shirt (must be tucked in, wrist length sleeved shirt, with collar and cuffs – no sweatshirts, T-shirts or pullover sweaters allowed), western boots, and western trousers at all times during a performance. This includes, all competition arenas, chute areas, stock working areas, any contestant in any seating area, whether competing or not. 

Shirt sleeves must be rolled down. The only exception to this rule will be in bareback riding and bull riding; a rider may roll up sleeves as necessary to eliminate either a hang up or to accommodate necessary wrapping and/or support for the elbow. After competition, contestant must adhere to attire rules. 

Back numbers must also be worn at all times while you are in the community where the current rodeo is being held. 

You may make photocopies of your back number and laminate them. Members are encouraged to have several back numbers, one for each jacket. The NHSRA issued back number is the number you should wear in the arena. See our Rules page for more details.


Your district rodeo schedule is posted on your district page. You can also check the calendar, which shows online entry dates, call in entry dates.

All entries can be done online through the EQuest Event system. If you miss online entries, or need to make a change to your online entry, you must do that by phone on call in night. See more details on our Entries Information page. 

forms and reports

Members are required to have parental consent to participate in each rodeo. This form must be handed in at each rodeo, and must be signed by a parent. 

Members are also required to hand in a Principal’s Signature Form (Or Homeschool Form) twice per year – once at the beginning of the fall and again before the spring season. 

Report cards must be uploaded by February 1st to remain in good standing. 

See more details on the Become a Member page. 


All members of the AHSRA are required to follow a very specific set of deadlines. Failure to meet some deadlines may result in not being allowed to compete at rodeos or the provincial finals. See details on our Deadlines Page.

Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’re interested in sponsoring our provincial Junior High or High School finals. 


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Thank you to Codi Wilson, our PR Officer for coordinating our social media content with our members and partners.

Happy Canadian Ag Day 🌾

A tip of the hat to all of our hard working farmers, ranchers and agricultural producers who work hand in hand to help us live this life that we love.

Thank a farmer, rancher and producer today and everyday as without them we would not have the food on our tables or the animals to compete in our sport with. For many of us the western, ranching and farming lifestyles come together as one - we are so thankful for how agriculture brings us together!
There are some important deadlines coming up! All deadlines are strictly enforced so be sure you have everything in. 
- Semester 1 Report Cards must be uploaded to your NHSRA membership profile by March 1st.
- Raffle tickets are due April 1st. Money and Tickets must be postmarked or returned to district coordinators. *Failure to return raffle tickets by the deadline will result in contestant disqualification from the Provincial Finals. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
- Scholarship applications must be postmarked by April 1st to be considered eligible for the scholarship programs. 
- Recent graduates may claim their scholarship payout by submitting proof of enrolment to the provincial office by April 15th.
There's only 3 days left to submit a bid on our apparel contract! 

The Alberta High School Rodeo Association is accepting bids for a Three-Year Apparel Contract starting August 1, 2024 and ending July 31, 2027. The successful applicant will have exclusive access to the AHSRA logo and will be required to offer apparel to our members for purchase. The deadline for proposals is February 15, 2024. 

Download the full RFP at https://albertahsrodeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/AHSRA-Apparel-Request-for-Proposal-1.pdf

See full details on our website. https://albertahsrodeo.com/ahsra-accepting-bids-for-three-year-apparel-contract/
Grade 12 members - Applications for the Trey Purdie Memorial Scholarship close April 1st. Download the application form from our website at https://albertahsrodeo.com/scholarships/